Eye of Judgment Timeline by Icepick

The following is a consolodated list of the timeline from the 5 Summoners Companions Booklets which come with each theme deck. For the most part, each entry is exacty as it was in the book, although some redundant information was removed and a few entries were merged in order to make it more presentable.

DE 50,000 Estimated time when the Supreme Being creates the world
DE 40,000 Human civilization advances using a combination of sorcery and science. Summoning Cards are invented during this age and employed as weapons of war. The great scientist Scion creates the Bioliths, awesomemachines that can think for themselves. In his pride, Scion uses the Bioliths to make war against the Supreme Being.

Juno, son of the Supreme Being, destroys the Biolith legiuons with a single Word. The mechanical warriors are left inert throughout the world as a warning against the sin of pride. Scion apparently takes his own life.
DE 5500 A culture based on irrigation and agriculture develops around what will become Sand City, Visvar Vaas.
DE 3200 Walled settlements appear in the Okunada river basin.
DE 1200 A number of hamlets appear in the Juno Forest, followed by the begining of mutual trade. The accumulation of wealth and stratification of classes follows.
DE 326 The first communal settlements appear in Terra Noram.

Due to the rough seas that seperate the continents, there is no migration between north and south.
HC 1 The gates of the Juno Tower open, and the Four Saints appear. They travel to the four nations to become each nations leader.

After this point, nations named after each Saint begin to flourish on the northern and southern continents.
HC 3 People led by Saint Til Vorg settle in the Juno Forest
HC 3 Saint Dhees unifies the people of the Freedonian Plains, who later become the People of Fire.
HC 5 Saint Val na Vos reigns over Sand City with supernatural powers, under a political system based on divine visions.
HC 6 Saint Tritona founds the Nation of Water. From this time only females are permitted to rule.
HC 10 Saint Tritona orders construction of the Granvil Bridge, linking the northern and southern continents
HC 25 Having complete their missions to lead the four nations, the Four Saints return to the Juno Tower and are not seen again.
HC 64 The Granvil Bridge is completed.

This awesome project took more htan 10 million people over 50 years to complete.
HC 326 King Savy of hte people of the Earth establishes the Val na Vos Dynasty in Visvar Vaas. This was the first nation to span both northern and southern continents.
HC 355 Queen Mary Tinoa founds the Tritona Queendom in Water City.

The nation rallies in response to the threat of the Val na Vos (Earth) Dynasty.
HC 411 Wizards of the Academy of the Sacred Darkness in Visvar Vaas revive the technology of Summoning Cards and commence production.
HC 562 The people of Fire begin a major migration across the Granvil Bridge, led by Bronko Dhees. Looting the Dagoland Plains as they travel south, the people seperate into two groups in the Aluhja Hills.

The eastern Fire tribe travels east, arriving at the Wasteland of Animosity, while the southern Fire tribe stop just before the Juno Forest.

The People of Fire are prone to internal strife and start to lose coherance over the next five years.
HC 568 The Cleansing

Queen Mary passes a motion to remove the People of Fire from her lands. The People of Water pursue the 'foreigners' across the Granvil Bridge into Terra Noram. Thousands of Fire People are butchered on the Freedonian Plains.
HC 600 A new religion is founded by Parmus, an excommunicated monk from the Monastery of Mourning. Its adherants use prayer to channel magical energy; these miracles quickly gain the religion many believers.
Parmus espouses a monotheistic faith, and leads his believers to denounce all other religions.
HC 650 The Novogus Dynasty.

King Novogus the Usurper ascends the throne in Visvar Vaas and ushers in an era of ruthless expansionism. The King uses his nations vast wealth to build a powerful standing army, including many well-paid wizards, and crushes all internal opposition to his reign before turning his attentions outwards.
HC 787 The army of King Novogus the Usurper moves northwards and engages the Tinoan army, turning the entire Okunada river basin into a battlefield. The two armies fight repeatedly over the course of the next decade in the Okunada Campaign.
Finally Tritona surrenders and Tinoa is occupied in 790. Novogus then sends his army into the Juno Forest and becomes the de facto ruler of Terra Sauram.

Note: this contradicts the following entry from a different book, which say that Novogus invaded Juno Forest in 787, before Tritona surrenders.
HC 787 The army of King Novogus enters the Juno Forest and overwhelms the disparate woodland tribes. A young elf named Edin travels amoung the tribes, encouraging them to put aside their age-old rivalries and unite against the Novogus threat.
HC 787 Northern Conquest

An expedition of Wood soliders led by Edin crosses the Redstone Mountains and besieges Visvar Vaas. Sand City is practically defenseless and falls quickly* to the People of Wood.

*Note: It says quickly, but the siege apparently lasts for 10 years before the city finally falls.
HC 792 Tritona and People of Fire enter a secret alliance to counter the Novogus Dynasty, which threatens to subjugate all four nations. The alliance is known as the Cai-Shae Coalition after the island where people from both nations live together in peace.
HC 797 The Fall of Visvar Vaas.
Visvar Vaas is besieged by Edin's Forest army. Despite a heroic defence, it falls to the invaders. Two weeks later, on the Earth carnival known as Yuga's Day, the Cai-Shae Coalition (Tritona and Dhees) launches a major offensive, dealing a devestating blow to the Novogus Dynasty. King Novogus is killed by the Dheesian bandit Didi. The people of Earth are made homeless and scattered throughout Terra Sauram, where they receive harsh treatment from the other nations.
HC 797 Yuga Offensive.

On the Earth festival known as Yuga's Day, the Cai-Shae Coalition launches a major offensive against the Novogus Dynasty. King Novogus himself is slain in Dhees in single combat by Didi the Enlightened, a former Goghile bandit, and his dynasty comes to an end. The People of Earth surrender unconditionally, and Didi becomes Dhees' nation hero.
HC 798 Venoa Conference.

The people of Fire, Water and Wood send representatives to a conference in Venoa to discuss the fate of the Earth Nation. The Earth captial, Visva Vaas, is divided into three administrative regions each governed by one of the victorious nations.

The magical devesation caused during the war prompts the nations to agree limits on the number of wizards each may have. The creation of new cards is also prohibited by the Treaty of Okunada.
HC 822 Construction begons on Forest City Brigantia in Juno Forest.

Tens of thousands of People of Earth are used as construction workers.
HC 823 Paradour, pontiff of the Forest people, founds the Til Vorg Monarchy and becomes its first Pope and Monarch.
HC 854 Aaron, leader of the Fire People, founds the Dhees Empire at Partmole and is crowned the first Crucible King. He breaks the Cai-Shae Coalition by declaring war against Tritona and seals the Granvil Bridge with a huge army.

Furious battles rage on the bridge for a week before the mercenary Latoo crosses the sea with water dragons and routs the Dhees army on the Freedonian Plains in a surprise flank attack.
HC 855 The Cai-Shae Coalition is broken and a civil war breaks out in Visvar Vaas.
HC 872 Far Land, on the eastern edge of Terra Sauram, is unified for the first time by the Earth Hero Arelai. He brings together princes and ruling houses throughout the land to counter the rule of the other 3 nations. Arelai's rule lasts twenty years.
HC 905 A major earthquake hits Til Vorg, with its epicentre located at Tolicore. The capital is devestated and fires spread throughout the Juno Forest. Brigantia becomes the new capital city.
HC 1024 A society is established to put the People of Earth, who were dispersed throughout the northern and southern continents, back in touch with each other. From this time, the People of Earth use the Saint Val Society to communicate in secret and prepare for the nation's long-cherished goal of recapturing Visvar Vaas.
HC 1130 Liberation of Visvar Vaas.

Having grown weary of civil war, Visvar Vaas responds to the call of the Saint Val Society and the people unite. Tritona and Dhees send armies to recapture thge city but are defeated. Val na Vos is now back under the control of the Earth People for the first time in 333 years.
HC 1132 After internal wrangling in the Saint Val Society, the Val na Vos Republic is founded with the Ten Tyrants as leaders.
HC 1138 Aluhja Conflict.

Skirmishes break out between Tritona and Val na Vos in the Aluhja Hills regions.

Numerous fortresses and surveillance turrets are created and destroyed as the two nations dispute their national borders.
HC 1255 An agreement is reached by the three nations of Terra Sauram regarding national borders, ending the Aluhja Conflict. The Juno Tower intersects all 3 borders.
HC 1310 Birth of Fire Rite incident.

Crown Prince Carlo Dhees is assassinated during the birthday celebration of Saint Dhees in Trade City Threaclave. Rumours of a Tritonan plot prompt the young King Dios IV to declare war on Tritona. The resulting conflict will rage for the next century.
HC 1310 Hundred Year War.

The Freedonian and Dagoland Plains are witness to countless major battles in which thousands of warrior lose their lives. In 1404, General Clare Wil of Tritona defeats Marshal Don Di of Dhees on the 7th Battle of Freedonia, pursues the returning Dheesian army northwards and lays siege to Partmole. The siege drags on for two years until a ceasefire is brokered by the pontiff iv Til Vorg. Clare Wil withdraws to Cai-Shae Island and a piece treaty is signed the following year, ceding Granvil Bridge to Tritona.
HC 1410 Clare Wil, hero of the Hundred Year War, is crowned the 55th Queen of Tritona. She is the first commoner to be crowned in a thousand years of Tritonan history. From this moment popularity and merit are considered qualifications for selecting the monarch rather than just bloodline.

Just one year after her coronation, Clare disappears. Tinoa is thrown into chaos, and forces are sent out to find the queen, but to no avail. Thirteen months after the incident, Clare's disappearance is treated as an abduction, and Queen Anfisa takes the throne.
HC 1447 The Great Scourge.

Scion returns. Armies of reanimated Bioliths roam the land, destroying any who cross their path. Novogus is raised from the dead, and beings his march towards Val na Vos.

Awakened Bioliths ravage the fringes of Juno Forest, butchering all who stand in their path, Survivors of the incursion seek refuse deep within the woodland realm.

In Tritona the casualties are relatively light; many believe that Queen Anfisa has made a deal with the Bioliths.

Reawakened Bioliths decimate the land of Dhees. The imperial army is almost completely destroyed, and the civilian death toll too high to tally.
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