Set 2 Information
Update 1 On the 22nd of Feb, the Playstation Blog made a substantial post about Set 2, revealing not only a whole bunch of new cards, but lots of info on new game mecahnics
Here is the list of new rules, taken from the Blog:

Decoy - Distracts affected enemy creatures so they can only attack target creatures with Decoy
Fieldmorph - Changes a target field to the same element as the creature occupying it
Intercept - Deals direct damage (half the time) to newly summoned enemy creatures
Invocation - Allows you to incarnate a creature onto another creature of the same element or race
Magic Protection - Prevents damage from a magic attack
Resurrection - If a creature with Resurrection is destroyed and you hold a duplicate in your hand, you many
summon the duplicate to the previously occupied field by spending one Mana
Return - Allows you to bring your recently defeated creatures back to your hand for one Mana
New creatures that cannot be targeted by Spells
New creatures that prohibit certain abilities (ex: Dwarf Sniper)
The ability to steal exit mana from destroyed creatures
The ability to create special Fields (ex: a field that counts as both a Fire Field and a Earth Field)
The ability to get cards from your deck library or graveyard
The ability to steal exit mana from destroyed creatures
Spells that deal direct damage to creatures
Spells that influence turns (ex. Aluhjan Spellsheild)

A large number of new cards were also reveiled in addition to the two show on the blog entry. Rather than posting the pictures directly on this page, you can check them out on Sony's Flickr Album, which also has english shots of the previous cards too.

During the last weekend of January at a Japanese Game Covention, Sony released a whole bunch of information about Eye of Judgment Set 2. Along with a whole host of screenshots came the confirmation that there would be 5 new Theme Decks (one for each element again) as well as the fact that (unfortunately) they would be charging for the actual software needed to use Set 2.

As well as all this mixed news came images of 7 of the cards which will be in Set 2. The cards are in Japanese, but thanks to translations from both Keito from LBShooters and HoushaSen from the Gamespot Forums, I've got at least some idea of what these cards do.

Partmole Warhound

Adjacent Allied creatures gain +1 Magic Protection

This first card is interesting because it already has 2 new mechanics to it - Magic Protection (presumably this works the same as standard protection, except against Magic Attacks), and the ability to return the card to your hand. Both of these are very cool abilities to have, and already you can see a massive amount of variation coming in deck 2. The card also has a new background for fire cards which further seperates it from Set 1.

Aluhja Inquisitrix
Pile Search - Whenever a creature is summoned to a Water Field, you may search your deck for many cards with the same name as you want, and add them to your hand. Shuffle your deck afterwards.
All other Church of Parmus creatures recieve a Dodge attempt.

It's Pile Search ability poses some interesting opportunities as this is the first card we've seen which will allow a player to directly select a card they want from their deck.
The second ability is also very interesting - all other creatures in the Church of Parmus get a Dodge attempt. This includes both Flame Magus', who will be boosted to the same state as the standard Aluhja Priestess, and the Priestess' themselves, who will be up to 2 Dodge attempts with the help of this card.
Again, you can see a new background on this card which will presumably be on all Set 2 Water cards.

Long Rifle Dwarf

Any creatures in front of this card cannot dodge physical attacks.
Gains 1 Protection when an allied Blackhood Dwarf Vulitra is on the board.

This card also has a defensive manipulation power - it can negate Dodge attempts completely, meaning it can always hit Dodge creatures and take advantage of their Blind Spots too. (Update: a note from HoushaSen - the current wording on the card indicates that all Dodge attempts will be nulified while the card is in play)
The second ability is interesting, as it requires a specifc card (which you can only have 1 of in your deck) to function. This is a very situational power but it could be very useful in certain decks, and also indicates that other such abilities might exist for the other elements.

Elven Soul Hunter

When the Elven Soulhunter is destroyed on a non-Wood field, the owner may select a card with a Summoning Cost of 3 or less from their Graveyard, and add it back to their deck. Shuffle the deck afterwards. You may not select an Elven Soulhunter or an Ultra-Rare card.

This card opens up some interesting opportunities, as it allows you to selectively recycle cards from your graveyard back into play. The requirement that the Soulhunter die first is a fairly odd one, although it means that your net card loss is 0 from the death of it - very useful for protection against decking, or if your Deck relies on a certain card which has ended up in the graveyard for whatever reason.
This card may well be more useful when combined with other new cards.


The field infront of this creature is also considered a Biolith Field
Every time an allied creature is summoned, all other allied creatures with the same element gain 1HP.

Possibly the most interesting card from Set 2 that we've seen, as its first power seems to indicate the ability to give Fields more than 1 element. If this is the case, the number of possibilities opened up by this are imense - instant killing of God cards simply by playing the Archiver directly in front of them, or neutralising a Field Bonus/Penalty by combining opposing elements are just the first 2 that come to mind.

Clare Wil's Half-Banner

Damage all enemy creatures for X Damage, where X is equal to the number of Dodge attempts that card has.

Another anti-defense card, this time in spell form. This spell actually becomes more powerful the more defense your opponent has, which will certainly throw a lot of current strategies on their heads. Another translation for this card suggests that it affects Protection points rather than Dodge attempts, but I'm not sure either way.
Aluhjan Spellshield

During this turn and the opponents next turn, your opponent cannot cast spells.

This is an interesting preventative card - blocking your opponents ability to use a Fissures of Goghile would certainly be invaluable in a number of circumstances - but more interesting is the fact that it blocks your opponent from casting spells during this turn, which suggests that there is some spell(s) which can be played during your opponents turn for some effect. Very interesting stuff.

Those are all the cards which have been shown so far. Remember, this translations were made by members of the commuinty, and I cannot guarentee their accuracy (although I thank them for it non the less). I'll keep this page updated as more cards are revieled.