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Biolith Bomber Japanese Pre-order Promo [2 Comments]
This card was given out as a Pre-order bonus for the game in Japan. An English version of the card was also released in Taiwan, although I am currently unaware of how the card was distributed there. Due to the fact that it was limited to eastern territories, this card is very hard to find, and very expensive.

With the exception of its art/Promo label, this card functions exactly the same as a standard Biolith Bomber.

This card is extremely valuable, and the English version has sold for over $200 on eBay.


Posted by biolithlord8 on Wed, 16th Jan 2008, at 12:20
That looks so cool.... I want it now! lol.
Posted by scaman on Tue, 2nd Sep 2008, at 14:59
Yaaaaaa, I agree totally Im jealous of anybody who owns this card, damn you.
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