Flame Magus
Today we have a nice, simple card – the Flame Magus.

The Flame Magus is arguably the weakest card in the game. With only 1HP and 1 Attack, and Blind Spots on all 4 sides, it’s certainly not going to be winning any heated battles. However, it has 1 very simple, absolutely vital perk. At a Summoning Cost of 1 Mana, it’s the cheapest Magic-Attack creature in the game, and this makes it invaluable.

The ability to strike anything anywhere on the board for 1 Mana should not be underestimated, even if it is only 1 Damage. Breaking through Protection, ignoring Dodge attempts, or just softening up that pesky enemy card so that your next summon can finish it off, cheap, unavoidable damage can be a godsend. You only have to play a few games against the AI to realise this – how many times has the AI summoned a cheap Magic-Attacking card which you thought nothing of, only to have it chip away at you for the next 4 turns until you finally decide to do something about it.

Of course, the cost of all this is that the Flame Magus can be killed by any other card in the game, if it hasn’t been placed on a Fire field. Blind Spots on all sides mean that even an attack from a card with 0 Attack Power will do the 1 Damage necessary to destroy the Magus. Of course, this makes it exceedingly easy to finish off enemy Flame Magus’ – any attack from a card doing 2 or more damage will destroy it, even if it is on a Fire field. Try to finish them off quickly, as they are quite effective at harrying your forces, but don’t spend too much Mana in doing so.

If you want to increase the life span of your squishy little mage, there are a few easy options available. Placing a Monk Elder of Okunada next to your Magus will give it a Dodge attempt, bringing it up to par with the Aluhja Priestess, for the same amount of Mana, and you will end up with 2 (easily killed, mind you) creatures on the board as well. While it isn’t worth doing for a single Flame Magus, if you have other Fire creatures on the board, an Aegis Citadel will keep it alive very nicely. Avoid Healing Showers which specifically target the Magus – the Blind Spots will quickly get rid of any additional health you give it, making it a waste of Mana.
It’s also worth noting that the Magus does very well with a Clare Wil’s Banner. For a total of 2 Mana, you can do 3 Damage to any card on the board – not too shabby at all.

So, there you go. A nice simple review for a nice simple card. If you want cheap, easy Magic damage, go with the Flame Magus. If you want something which is likely to survive more than a turn or 2, consider an Aluhja Priestess, or one of the more expensive options.

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Posted by Pessimism on Tue, 4th Dec 2007, at 17:32
Love this card. Running 2 in my deck atm, and they are extreemly useful. Icepick has it nailed though- they are VERY easy to dispose of, however, so using them early in the game is vital. Another option is to wait for your opponent to cast something like an Elven Beserker maiden on an Earth field- this little guy takes her out nicely... good card: cheap, easy and effective!
Posted by bfiggins on Tue, 4th Dec 2007, at 17:37
I like to hold on to this guy. He's my Cubic killer.
Posted by slarth on Tue, 4th Dec 2007, at 18:24
very effective cheap card
Posted by Pessimism on Tue, 4th Dec 2007, at 22:47
bfiggins: Only cubic that warrants any attention from these guys is white- the rest are bloody hopeless! Lol.
Posted by Fartwinky on Tue, 4th Dec 2007, at 23:13
very useful little card i likem in the late game when the board is fuller and its hard to hitem
Posted by drackmire on Wed, 5th Dec 2007, at 00:01
The Aluhja Priestess packs a little more punch than this guy for 1 more mana. I user that over this. This guy is just not that good.
Posted by giftoftigerseye on Sat, 8th Dec 2007, at 14:27
Use him in all my decks tends to die quickly yes but again a magic card that costs 1 mana and gives it back to youif it dies. Invaluable!
Posted by Merco on Sun, 9th Dec 2007, at 14:25
Quick Question: What does the Incarnation effect do? It's only found on God cards, so I'm unsure about it's use in a battle.
Posted by drackmire on Tue, 11th Dec 2007, at 02:50
Incarnation is used to summon a creature to the same Field as a creature you control of the same element. If you do, you subtract the cost of the target creature from the cost of the God. So if you're god costs 9 mana, and you incarnate a creature of 5 mana, you end up only paying 4 mana for the God. You also lose the creature that is being incarnated.
Posted by biolithlord8 on Wed, 16th Jan 2008, at 12:19
Quite weak, but it can help in very desparate situations/
Posted by DaLancer on Tue, 22nd Jan 2008, at 01:05
It is very useful if packed safely with a sit hollen fortess, the 2 protection easly overlaps the blind spots everywhere, making it last more than 2 turns.
Posted by Jehuty13 on Tue, 12th Feb 2008, at 16:09
I really love this card. It's low cost makes it a very good choise to kill cubics or deal little damage continuously. Must have in every deck - i love it! 3 of 5 stars
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