Pursuer of Saint Dhees
For the first Card Spotlight, I thought I would start with one of my personal favorites, Pursuer of Saint Dhees.

This is a truely amazing card with some awesome damage dealing potential - it has the ability to deal up to 13 Damage in a single blow, depending how many creatures are already on the board when it's played. Combined with the fact that it has an Activation Cost of only 1 Mana with its activation ability, this is truely a card to be feared.

The downside to this card is its high Summoning Cost of 6 Mana, coupled with its relatively low 4HP. This means that, if you do save up enough Mana to summon this monster, you're going to have to play it on a Fire field if you want it to last more than a couple of turns, because no one in their right mind would let him stay on the battlefield if they can help it, which kind of limits your options when playing the card. Additionally, its high Turning Cost of 6 Mana means that once you've played it, it will more than likely be stuck facing in that direction for the entire time it is in play. This also makes is vunerable to enemy Creatures which can turn your cards, such as Bewitching Elf Archeress and Swallow Ninja.
For this reason, and in order to make use of its insanely cheap damage potential, you might want to consider using some Beguiling Fog's in your deck, and waiting until you have at least one in your hand before playing the Pursuer.

If you should be unfortunate enough to have your enemy play this card against you, you have a couple of options. Again, Beguiling Fog is your friend here, in order to give you easy access to his Blind Spot. Failing that, cards such as Venoan Assassin which always hit the back of the target would do well here. Ranged cards such as Novogus Catapult, especially when combined with a Clare Wil's Banner, will also make short work of this guy if he isn't placed on a Fire field. If he is on a Fire field, don't be afraid to use a Field Quake or Field Exchange in order to remove his HP advantage. Just make sure you don't attack him from the front, whatever you do.

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Posted by Icepick on Sun, 4th Nov 2007, at 15:59
Just testing that this is all working properly!
Posted by AffLicTi0N on Sun, 4th Nov 2007, at 16:58
Nice site looking forward to new upcomming cards
Posted by Daelan00 on Mon, 5th Nov 2007, at 00:10
Excellent card, hard hitting and easy to manage once it is on the field. This will be added to my deck as soon as I am able to find one. In addition, I like this sight and I hope that it grows with more members. I'd recommend a spot on the sight where you can post your own deck list and share strategies. That way those people who have difficulties with the game can have plenty from advice from people also. It would also be cool if you could rate other peoples decks. Just a suggestion =)
Posted by eddie17 on Mon, 5th Nov 2007, at 02:29
nice work looking foward to more
Posted by RHYN0X on Mon, 5th Nov 2007, at 10:34
Great work, this card is one of the faves in my deck. When played correctly with a fotress or proper protection. Watch out!
Posted by drackmire on Tue, 6th Nov 2007, at 03:15
This card has a one turn use, at least with the current card selection available. Six mana is actually fairly easy to acquire and since it does not require the summon-lock to be lifted you will see a lot of players play him early to deal with a medium difficulty creature (or even wasted on a weak 2-3 cost creature). He's strong, but only being able to attack and defend in one direction is a big downfall. The turning cost, as was stated above is also too pricey to bother paying on later turns as well.
Posted by slarth on Wed, 7th Nov 2007, at 18:53
certainly one of my favourites as it can take down a powerful enemy very quickly and forces your opponent to rethink and deal with this serious threat
Posted by Blublub on Wed, 7th Nov 2007, at 22:41
Really a mixed bag. Hugely powerful, but you're likely to only get one shot without being able to play a Beguiling Fog card, given the prohibitive rotate cost.
Posted by Junotree on Thu, 8th Nov 2007, at 10:42
I played against this card the other night and was stunned to see it kill my Infernal Sciondar Dragon! seems like a one shot deal though. I wasn't stupid enough to place another card in it's path. This is a great card for eliminating a huge threat. The Biolith Arc Satellite Cannon would be a great card to play against this.
Posted by ArcaneJMS on Fri, 9th Nov 2007, at 12:38
Here are my thoughts on building a deck around Pursuer. Beguiling Fog to turn the big brute in the direction of neighboring enemies. Tinoan telekinesis/teleportation to put him next to his next victim. Biolith Stinger, Wolf Ninja, Spider ninja, or Elven Death Dancer to bring victims to him. Red cubic to play him more cheaply. Monk elder of Okunada and Verzar Canines to keep him (and the cubics) alive longer. Love this site! Keep up the good work!
Posted by thegman on Fri, 9th Nov 2007, at 19:00
if you have the card, put it in your deck and build around it. If you get it early build up some reserve mana and play it when the opponent or the computer whips out the fire god. Put some elf Archeress' in your deck with some fog. On building any deck, I recommend just going with 5 of everything. Will be getting online shortly - looking forward to playing any of you guys. This site is awesome!
Posted by DxXxH on Tue, 13th Nov 2007, at 07:17
OK....three cards are essential. Beguiling Fog, Red Cubic and Tinoan telekinesis. Play this guy to take out big and i mean BIG threats late in the game. Make sure you have a Fog card to turn him withouth having to pay an extra 6 mana! The Tinoan Telekinesis is also one of your best friends with this guy. A good chance you will only get to use him once so choose wisely!
Posted by Crovax on Tue, 13th Nov 2007, at 23:18
i've played against this card a few times and come to respect its power. not a card i would ever play as i think fogs and whatnot should be more universal then to cover his weakness.
Posted by Merco on Sat, 1st Dec 2007, at 10:00
This card's so annoying, it should have a summoning lock!
Posted by WourdalakkNimh on Sat, 1st Dec 2007, at 17:28
A Q to thegman = Are there any limit of "other cards" to use in a deck ? I know some cards are allowed only 1, and a few ones 3 ---- but the rest ? Can I have 7 Pursuer in one deck and 8 Flame Ascetic -- for example
Posted by Merco on Sun, 2nd Dec 2007, at 13:33
With any card, you can only have three copies of it per deck, providing it doesn't have any other limitations.
Posted by Pessimism on Wed, 5th Dec 2007, at 16:54
Why bother limiting some cards to 3? I mean, it's the limit anyway! Just seems redundant to me having a card that allows you "3" when it's the limit as it is.... Oh yeah- got this little beauty yesterday also- liking it much more than a lot of other cards, for the simple fact it retains it's bonuses whatever field it's on and isn't limited to needing to be on a fire field to use them! Only thing a fire field does is boost it's HP, which, while always great- means it's still useable elsewhere, as opposed to say a dragon, that needs to be on relevant field to gain bonuses.
Posted by Icepick on Fri, 14th Dec 2007, at 17:47
Cards limited to 3 mean 3 of that type. For example, the Elemental Spell cards are all of the Domination type - you can only have 3 of these cards total, not 3 of each type.
Posted by Pessimism on Tue, 18th Dec 2007, at 18:20
Ooooooooh- ok- blonde moment! Always wondered about the whole "3" thing! So I guess they're looking at bringing out other spell types then- because Dominion, Sorcery and... can't think of the other atm... are the only 3 out atm. So: If say you have a parmetic Holy Feast (Dominion, isn't it?) you can only have 2 other Dominion cards such the elemental spells? I know it seems dumb to ask- still tryin to get the gist of the rules, so yeah... haven't had much time to check things latley!
Posted by Pessimism on Tue, 18th Dec 2007, at 18:22
Nevermind. Going back to sleep now- just super slow today I think.
Posted by krisfairholm on Sat, 5th Jan 2008, at 14:45
Used to use this card and on occasion it served me well as an emergency take out something nasty option or to simply wipe a load of Mana from my opponent using Summoner Mesmer's Lapse but so rarely did I find use for it, I have recently replaced it for the Ouroboros Dragon which cost just 1 more Mana, still has all the attack power I think I will ever need with 7 + number of Biolith on the board, but has 10HP + I find its ability to prevent fieldquacks a useful option when placed on a Biolith field, would not want both in same deck only like to have one card of just expense. Good card but there are better options
Posted by TzarChasm on Sun, 13th Jan 2008, at 18:13
I'm new to this game, but I have to say that this guy's easily my second favorite large creature that I own (next to my Arc Satellite Cannon). He might have a disgusting activation cost, but with Tinoan Telekinesis, Tinoan Teleportation, and Beguiling Fog, I don't see why that even has to matter in the first place. Honestly, I'd go so far as to say that once summoned, this guy is so powerful he's just shy of being totally broken. Knowing you can use more than one in your deck is sick, too because you can always use a Red or White Cubic to put the other one into play virtually for free. He may lose his free attack round, but with that attack cost and his high HP, it's unlikely that if placed well he won't live to rip someone up on the next turn.
Posted by DarkPrince on Mon, 28th Jan 2008, at 07:16
I kind of think this card is a bit overrated esp with such cards as arc Satellite Cannon, if the card had more hp it would do well, but this card played against me has never killed more than 1 of my creatures unless the guy has 2 in his deck
Posted by DaLancer on Tue, 5th Feb 2008, at 20:43
I remember my opponite once got one of these things out on a fire field with a white cubic. Didn't help that much. All he did was stand there and be scary (and pervented me from playingt on the earth field in front of him, so he got his fortress there, but I still won in the end) Powerful card, but its really high rotation cost (isn't like the highest in the game?) means he will be stuck facing one direction for a long time...
Posted by bjthecrazguy on Mon, 18th Feb 2008, at 15:58
One of a few cards that i've seen killing a God Card with one hit! lol Great card to take down a powerful creature with one shot.
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