Cloudrunner Marauder
The Cloudrunner Marauder is a nice, simple low cost water card with some nice options. For a Summoning Cost of only 1 Mana, it gets 2HP, and can target either of the 2 Fields directly in front of it. This makes it a nice opening card if your opponent gets the first turn, and you want to start hitting him straight away – the Cloudrunner Marauder can do so without fear of a counter attack.
It also has some Mana generation power – if you have Siam, Traitor of the Seas (that’s the Set 1 Water Phantom) on the board, and your Marauder is destroyed you get an extra Mana. This is a very situational power, but it makes an already useful card worth that little bit extra more.

The biggest letdown here is the low Attack Power, which means it can’t really capitalise on its ability to strike from afar, but for such a low Summoning Cost, it’s not really something you can complain about. Aside from that though, it’s a good solid card.

Depending on where it’s placed, enemy Marauders can be tricky to get rid of, as they can still attack when placed behind other, strong cards. They can also bypass any cards you’ve protected in this way and go straight for your weak creatures. While this isn’t a unique ability, the low cost of the Marauder makes leaving it around a liability, especially if you use using vulnerable cards like the Flame Magus, so you should try and deal with it as soon as possible. Assuming you can hit it, this shouldn’t prove to be too much of a problem, as even on a Water Field, a couple of hits should be enough to get it off the board.

While the Marauder itself probably isn’t worth going to any trouble keeping it alive, it does mesh very well with a couple of cards which will do that as a result. Being one of the few Siam Pirates creatures available, it has the potential to generate extra Mana when used with the Ship’s Surgeon card (every time a Siam Pirate Dodges an attack, you steal 1 Mana from your opponent). Obviously, the Marauder doesn’t have a Dodge attempt, so this is where the good old Monk Elder of Okunada comes in – pair the 2 cards up and any successful Dodges steal valuable Mana from your opponent. You can also use Corleo, Venoan Capo to give the Marauder a Dodge attempt, although he’s more expensive to summon.

The Cloudrunner Marauder is a nice solid low cost card which works well with a number of others, and would do especially well in a Water-themed deck using some combination of the cards mentioned above (just keep in mind that Siam, Betrayer of the Seas and Corleo, Venoan Capo are both Betrayers, and you can only have one Betrayer per deck, so you can’t have both of them). Even if you aren’t using a Water-themed deck though, the Marauder is still a nice card for such a low cost, so don’t let the lack of a Siam in your deck put you off using it.

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Posted by Cubicman on Fri, 4th Apr 2008, at 17:53
I've noticed that a lot of set 2 cards are edited versions of set 1 cards. I'll still buy cards but it's kind of let down.
Posted by krisfairholm on Tue, 8th Apr 2008, at 00:24
in my opinion this is the best 1 mana drop in the game, 2HP with dodge and teh ability to attack 1 of 2 squares directly in front of this creature and an activation cost of 1 still, this card for 1 mana you carnt go wrong
Posted by krisfairholm on Tue, 8th Apr 2008, at 00:29
think of a foot soldier, then give it dodge and a better attack range,. and you have the Cloudrunner Marauder
Posted by Bany on Mon, 14th Apr 2008, at 03:05
Kris, This is not Tritonan Harpoonsman. This one has no dodge atempt. Nevertheless this creature is awesome update for balanced swwarm deck. Againg maby pic on card loks similar but, you can imagine that some creatures looks the same but could have diferent abilites. Like in real life. :)
Posted by alienclay on Thu, 8th May 2008, at 13:45
??? how long between updates there icepick?
Posted by slarth on Fri, 27th Jun 2008, at 08:37
Are you ever gonna update this site again or is this site now dead?
Posted by slarth on Thu, 11th Sep 2008, at 08:56
It's dead, a shame I liked this site :(
Posted by alienclay on Mon, 15th Sep 2008, at 16:05
did the guy die, there was no anouncement at all? to top it all off, set three is comming out. at the very least he could have farmed out review duties to the general online community.
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