Infernal Sciondar Dragon
Note: Due to the similarities between the 4 Dragon cards, parts of this Card Spotlight is shared between them.

The Dragons are some of the toughest cards you can get. With 8HP, a minimum of 5 Attack Power and the Selective Frontal Attack Pattern to go with it, once a Dragon is in play, there is very little to stand against it.
Each Dragon shares a very powerful special ability – for every creature on the board which matches their element, they gain 1 Attack Power. This makes it very easy for the damage they can deal to jump from the base of 5 straight up to 7 or 8, and even higher. This means that Dragons are ideally suited to decks which favour a single element, but even in decks which are spread evening across all elements, they can still find a good home – remember, all cards of the matching element add to their Attack Power, not just your own cards.

On top of that, the Infernal Sciondar Dragon also has an extremely useful ability which reduces its Activation Cost to 1 while it is on a Fire Field. This essentially turns it into an indiscriminate killing machine – with 10HP (Field Bonus from the Fire Field), an Attack Power of at least 5, and only a single Mana to activate, the Sciondar Dragon is truly a beast to be feared. Combined with some Beguiling Fogs to overcome its high Turning Cost, it can inspire fear over a significant part of the board. If the opportunity presents itself, you might even consider using a Tinoan Telekinesis or a Tinoan Teleportation to move it to another Fire Field so that you can truly make use of its incredible potential (although you’re likely to need a Beguiling Fog in that situation too, so be sure to have one handy first).

Of course, all of this power comes at a heavy cost – summoning a Dragon costs 7 Mana, making them some of the most expensive creatures in the game, second only to the Gods. This means that you’ll need to do some forward planning if you want to actually use your Dragon – you won’t get one into play by spending all of your Mana every turn, and it’s extremely unlikely you’ll ever get more than one of them into the game.

Once a Dragon has been summoned, though, it’s extremely unlikely you’ll be able to kill it with any speed. This means that, if confronted with an enemy Dragon, your best option maybe trying to neutralise it rather than trying to kill it. Use a Beguiling Fog to make it face a harmless direction (but be prepared in case your opponent uses their own Fog to turn him back). Having a Dragoon Dragon Cavalry on the board is also a great way of reducing the threat of a Dragon, by cutting their base Attack Power by more than half. If it does become necessary to slay an enemy’s Dragon, you’ll need to throw everything you have it him if you want to do it quickly. You’ll likely need to use a Fieldquake to rob them of as much HP as you can (with the Field Bonus, Dragons have a massive 10HP!), and if you have spare creatures in your Hand, you might want to consider using some of the Domination Spells as well. You’ll obviously want to hit the Blind Spot if at all possible, but aside from that, you just need to keep hitting it with as many high damage cards as you can – Pursuer of Saint Dhees, or even another Dragon, are great for this job. Cards which have 2 attacks are also especially good at dealing with Dragons, especially if they can hit the Blind Spot (and get their attack Bonuses, in the case of Didi the Enlightened and Siam, Traitor of the Seas).

Dragons are definitely something to be feared. If you see your opponent approaching the required 7 Mana to summon one, you should seriously consider finding some way to remove some of that Mana from him – the easiest way being Summoner Mesmer’s Lapse. If you can’t, you may well come to regret it.

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Posted by Merco on Thu, 10th Jan 2008, at 14:04
Extremly powerful, and I have 2!
Posted by edgalor on Thu, 10th Jan 2008, at 21:17
powerful~ but painful to summon -.-
Posted by amigarad on Fri, 11th Jan 2008, at 17:21
One positive thing I would mention about dragons: No summoning lock! A starting hand with ISD and a red cubic gives you a good chance of having a gigantic dragon out on turn-2 who threatens 2-squares and costs just 1 to attack with on turn 3! Ideal, sure, but not far-fetched.
Posted by Pessimism on Wed, 16th Jan 2008, at 17:27
Probably the better of all the dragons, although each has advantages. The most note worthy about this one is the ease of attack- 1 mana compared to 4- can't go past that! I guess it depends on what deck you are running as to what dragon is best, but I highly recommend limiting to one dragon, maybe 2, because of the high summoning cost.... there are cubics, but the only one worth the space in your deck is white- it's the only one with any sort of protection (the dodge attempt) without relying on other cards to supply it...
Posted by OverZee on Fri, 25th Jan 2008, at 13:23
It think the best of all the dragons, one time, my opponent had one in 2 turns:S with red cubic. It caused much trouble with it's 1 mana attackcost:S
Posted by DarkPrince on Mon, 28th Jan 2008, at 07:23
Awesome card to use with red cubic, the only dragon i have and the best for my deck, mixed with the Beguiling Fog and the opponent gonna have a hard time.
Posted by HEC on Mon, 28th Jan 2008, at 09:30
Two dragons in a deck are actually not that bad as well - you can use the one which more suits the current game situation, and other one with Summoner Mesmer’s Lapse ... ;)
Posted by DaLancer on Tue, 5th Feb 2008, at 20:48
This thing is a creature to fear on a fire field. 5+ damage for only 1 mana actavation cost? Crazy good. Getting him out early with a red or white cubic is a devastating blow to your opponite. Howevery I used the fire phantom to cause some real pain by taking control of his dragon...
Posted by Jehuty13 on Tue, 12th Feb 2008, at 13:57
I have one in my deck - great card! The best thing about is the activation cost of 1 mana! Personaly the best dragon: 4 of 5 stars
Posted by Phoros on Thu, 5th Jun 2008, at 08:37
Best dragon in the game although i don't agree with the rating of this card 5+ damage for 1 ac on a fire field 10HP on fire field nothing even comes close to matching that if used by cubic except maybe gods and sacreds.
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