Monk Elder of Okunada
The Monk Elder of Okunada is the very definition of a Support card. With only 1HP and 0 Attack Power, the Monk itself is basically useless. However, it has the very handy feature of giving nearby allies a Dodge Attempt. This means that if you have some high profile card that is likely to take a lot of fire, you can place the Monk next to it and it will gain Dodge – very handy indeed. When placed properly, this effect can be given to multiple cards, giving you a very solid based that your opponent will have trouble shifting. Even more, this Dodge attempt will stack with any attempts the card may already have (including those given by other Monk Elder cards, should you be using more than 1 of them), allowing you to create a card which will be extremely difficult to damage using standard attacks.

Unfortunately, the Monk Elder is far from perfect. While conferring handy defensive bonuses to nearby allies, the Monk itself is about as sturdy as wet tissue. A single hit from almost anything is more than enough to kill him, unless you place him on a Water Field, and even doing that will only buy him another turn (although admittedly, giving your cards Dodge for even 1 extra turn might be the difference between victory and defeat).
It also needs to strike a Blind Spot before it can even do any damage, which means that you’re going to be in trouble if you find yourself stuck with one of these in your hand while in Check.

Still, when properly played, the Monk can be a very useful defensive option, which can take the heat from your other cards for at least one turn. If you want your Monk to last more than a single turn, try combining him with another support card, like the Verzar Canine, or even another Monk Elder – they will both help keep each other alive, as well as any other cards next to them.

If you’re looking for a little extra defensive support, the Monk is a good choice, but otherwise, I’d go with something else.

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Posted by OverZee on Thu, 28th Feb 2008, at 10:29
A good card:) it's fun to get verzar canine and monk elder of okunada next to each other. 2 creatures with 3HP, 1 with dodge, the other with protection
Posted by Jehuty13 on Thu, 28th Feb 2008, at 15:49
This card can really become handy in some situations but in others its a threat. altough its a good solid little card and really good for some cheap combos! i must say that i have always at least one in my deck - 3 of 5 stars
Posted by DaLancer on Thu, 28th Feb 2008, at 22:49
I got one of these with my first booster, and I used it ever since. This card can be quite tricky for your opponite, cause it usually involves them wasting alot a mana. This card is really usefull with the water hero, or st hollen fortress is a favorate combo of mine. A castle that can dodge, and a monk hinding behind its shield. VERY hard to defeate, expect for a some heavy magic...
Posted by bettand on Fri, 29th Feb 2008, at 11:12
I simply cannot endorse a card with 0 attack damage. While it has strong features, this card stays at the bottom of my "Giant unused stack of extra cards I had to get to try and get ultra rare & phantom cards I needed"...right next to Sleeptrap. I'll go with Verzar Canine as a support card thank you very much.
Posted by DaLancer on Sat, 1st Mar 2008, at 18:09
Protection is very predictable, and thus your opponite knows exactly what to do to fight it. A dodge attempt is far more effective then 1 protection, namly because it can block more then 1 damage, and 1 protection isn't enough to protect creatures with blindspots. Sometimes I had some nastly set ups where every single one of my guys on the board can dodge, and that very hard for your opponite to deal with effectivly!
Posted by bettand on Fri, 7th Mar 2008, at 11:25
That's good strategy. Although the randomness does go both ways. Where you see predictability I see stability. It's basically a matter of playing small ball or playing for the 3-run HR.
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