Hellfire Spitter
The Hellfire Spitter is a cheap, simple and often underrated card. Granted, all of its stats are 1, which means it’s neither strong nor durable, but it does have 2 very useful qualities. First off, it is one of a small handful of cards to have Quickness, which means that it always attacks first, even if your opponent is attacking you. Secondly, it can attack (and therefore Counter-Attack) in all 4 directions, which also means that it has no Blind Spot. When combined, these 2 traits mean that the only way for your opponent to attack your Spitter without taking damage themselves is to use either a Magic Attack or some long ranged attack – something which should not be underestimated.

Unfortunately, it’s low HP somewhat limits the usefulness of this card – placing it on any Field besides fire is basically a death sentence for it. Its low attack also means that you’ll struggle to make any real impact with the card, unless you are able to attack a Blind Spot. Still, cheap damage in any direction can be a valuable asset on the board, especially for chipping away at larger targets or just harassing enemy cards.

As already mentioned, the best way of countering a Hellfire Spitter is using either a Magic Attack or something which can attack from a distance. If the card isn’t on a Fire Field, it doesn’t really matter what you use – any attack will finish it off instantly. If it is on a Fire Field, though, it becomes a little trickier – the lack of a Blind Spot can make it tough to finish off in a single hit for most low/mid level cards, and using a high cost card to destroy a lowly 1 Mana creature might be considered a waste. Your best bet is to hit it with a couple of attacks – a Flame Magus plus a Novogus Catapult would do nicely, but anything along those lines will get the job done. Just remember that, if you attack from close up, you’re going to take damage first, and being unaware of this fact can cause problems.

While neither powerful not versatile, the Spitter does have a couple of very useful characteristics, and can course its fair share of hassle for such a cheap card. If you use it properly, and don’t base your entire battle plan on it, it can perform surprisingly well.

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Posted by drizzle on Tue, 5th Feb 2008, at 15:12
Attacking a creature with quickness with another creature with quickness means the attack will do damage before the creature being attacked. So if the spitter is not on a fire field, another spitter will kill it without taking damager.
Posted by DaLancer on Tue, 5th Feb 2008, at 16:36
A unremarkable card, but its quickness shouldn't be underestamated, or the card itself. Place it beside a Verzar elephant brigade for example when that creature is on a earth field, you got yourself something that can do 3 damage to your opponite first if they directly try to attack it!
Posted by krisfairholm on Tue, 5th Feb 2008, at 18:23
i think for 1 mana this is a good card, i like using at least 1 if not 2 of these in each deck, they there not a good place holder but they r good to play at the start of the game when possible and hold up nicely with no blind spot and been able to attack from all sides, good cards, when rated on the star system for 1 Mana there worth a good 3.5 if not 4 in my eyes
Posted by Bany on Thu, 7th Feb 2008, at 09:44
Attacking physicaly a creature with quickness using another creature with quickness for it means the attack occures normaly same as with creatures without quickness at all! Not as Drizzle had mentioned. Quickness has one great advantage over normal attack, "q" creature being attacked by normal creature from its retaliation sides is going to be faster and its responce become an attack. That has realy important meaning when for example is going to be attacked by creature with "back attack" ability. That creature is going to be attacked first even when normaly attack "from back" is usualy not affected by retaliation. Ofc attacking creature need to attack from avilable retaliation side, usualy from front side (in Hellfire Spitter case from any side).
Posted by Jehuty13 on Tue, 12th Feb 2008, at 13:53
This card is amazing when played first turn or next to an elefant! Sweet little card! 3 of 5 stars
Posted by bettand on Thu, 21st Feb 2008, at 12:12
Great little card that I keep two of in my deck. The Quickness feature really helps nickle & dime any card used to take it out.
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