Tritonan Ice Guard
Today we have the Tritonan Ice Guard, the basic Water creature.

The Tritonan Ice Guard is largely unremarkable. With 1 HP, 1 Attack Power and a Summoning Cost of 1, it is neither bad nor good, it is just there. However, it does have 1 handy feature – playing it on a non-Water field lets you draw a card from your deck.
This gives you a couple of options – play the card on a Water field, giving it a chance to survive beyond the next turn, or play it on another field, giving you a new card for your hand, sure in the knowledge that when the inevitable enemy card kills it, you will get your Mana point back. You could also play it on a Fire field, which would let you Draw a card and kill the Ice Guard, thus returning your Mana, but generally speaking it is better to have that extra creature on the board than not.

Something to keep in mind when playing this card is the number of cards remaining in your deck. It is unlikely that you will Deck yourself if you only have one of these, but if you have 3 of them, 3 Summoner Mesmers Errand’s and any other cards which let you Draw from your deck, you might quickly find yourself losing the game from an empty deck.

Countering enemy Ice Guards is an act as unremarkable as the card itself – with only 3HP when placed on a Water field, they are easily destroyed by most cards capable of doing damage, especially when attacking the Blind Spot. Don’t expend too much Mana trying to kill them unless it’s vital though – they aren’t strong enough to pose any kind of real threat to you.

There is little else to be said about this card really. It’s a good solid base, for any decks using Water creatures, due to its cheapness, and its card drawing ability might be able to get you out of a sticky situation – although it wouldn’t be wise to rely on that.

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Posted by drackmire on Tue, 11th Dec 2007, at 02:48
Unless you are going a completely large card drawing deck, which isn't advisable, you're better off going with 1 Cloud Runner in your deck than even 2-3 of this guy. I don't use it, and I don't recommend using it. It's not bad early on, but drawing this late in the game isn't going to help you very much, especially if you need something to take you out of check.
Posted by Junotree on Tue, 11th Dec 2007, at 10:19
A very "meh" card. The only use for this card I can see is when you are looking for another specific card in order to mount an attack.
Posted by bfiggins on Tue, 11th Dec 2007, at 13:01
He's pretty good at getting your opponent to play a certain way. On a non-water space, he's essentially free - you get your mana and your card back. But your opponent has to waste an attack to get rid of it, probably exposing the backside of his card to do so. Still, with a game where time is such a valuable commodity, I'm starting to think that wasting time playing with Ice Guards is a poor idea.
Posted by Fartwinky on Wed, 12th Dec 2007, at 09:20
personally i think hes a creature form of summoner mesmers errand. He costs the same and if you draw a 1/1 with the errand than he saves time. Paying one mana for 2 cards when you are really just replacing the card and THEN drawing one seems kinda silly and the cloud runner is more useful for serious draw advantage. And unless you use spells or have a VERY specific and unblanaced deck you dont NEED to draw 2-3 cards and risk losing the long game. The triton has got to be in every deck to do nothing more than counter the bandit frogs. Ill kill them with him to make it even. Discarding is so powerful in this game you need him to counter it and i think a cloud runner is too much too attack. He does 1 dmg for 2 mana while the triton is 1 for one. And when u put someone in check nothing is worse than having no one to play. You NEED 1 cost ppl and he also cancels the little green discard strat ppl like to put in. If you can't see a use for him you probably don't have a well balanced deck that can work in ANY situation.
Posted by drackmire on Mon, 17th Dec 2007, at 02:53
As far as one cost goes, I'd rather use the magus, or verzar foot soldier over the ice guard. Also, the cloud runner is good because it has staying power and attacks farther than adjacent spaces. Good point about the leapfrog bandit, I still wouldn't put more than 1 in a deck. You don't need to overdraw; especially if you plan on using errand or other card drawing options.
Posted by krisfairholm on Wed, 26th Dec 2007, at 20:54
If you like to use a few spell cards that require you to discard cards then having 1 maybe 2 of these guys is not a bad thing, I sometimes find myself in situations where I have only 1 or 2 cards in my hand these guys really help realising one of these is far better to gain an extra card that to miss a turn or spend Mana, your opponent has to waste mama to kill it and will usually use only a very weak card to do so that can easily be taken out.
Posted by edgalor on Thu, 10th Jan 2008, at 19:47
there are better cards than this card no matter how you look at it.... I don't like wasting 1 turn just to draw a card.
Posted by DaLancer on Wed, 23rd Jan 2008, at 00:39
It is a useful card for starting off a game, and its easly desposiable. 2 at most is all a deck needs of it, any more and your using less other good cards. I also know for 1, or even 2 mana you can do worse then a "get a replacemant card" card.
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