Tentacles of Possession
The Tentacles of Possession is a unique card – it has no Attack Power (it doesn’t even have an Attack Pattern, which means it can’t even damage an opponents Blind Spot), and it’s only function is to Possess an enemy card. Possession is a very rare ability, which also make’s it very useful, and most opponents will be unequipped to deal with it. Because this card automatically Possesses the enemy creature directly in front of it, it means that the Tentacles cannot be hit by standard physical attacks from the front – Possession is worked out before any other attacks. Because of this, if placed well (in a corner, with another allied card next to it, for example), it can be very difficult for the enemy to remove, especially if you place it on a Water Field. Really though, the usefulness of this card depends on which enemy card you Possess, and when you do it. For example, if your opponent has the formidable Phaseus, Biolith God in play, and you notice that he will have enough Mana next turn to Activate him, taking Possession of that card would be a great way of preventing him from using it until you get that handy Fieldquake or Mana drain to remove the threat. Even better, if you have enough Mana yourself, you can then Activate the card and use the powerful attack against your opponent. If, on the other hand, you play the Tentacles early on, and Possess a lowly Green Lycanthrope who didn’t transform, that won’t really help you or hinder your enemy.

The obvious downside to the Tentacles is that it cannot attack at all. With no Attack Pattern, there is just simply no way for this card to do any damage. On top of that, while Possession will give you control of an enemy card, it won’t prevent them from winning the game – a Possessed card still counts towards your enemies 5 cards, so if you find yourself in Check, with only the Tentacles in your hand, you’re in a lot of trouble.

If your opponent uses the Tentacles against you, you can combat it in a number of ways. Because it only has 2HP, if you can Fieldquake or Field Exchange it to a Fire Field, it will be enough to kill it right off. If that isn’t an option, it’s time to revert to good old brute force – if it isn’t placed on a Water field, any card with an Attack Power of 2 or higher will do the job nicely, but if it is, you might need to chip away at it a bit first (or use a Fieldquake to get rid of that HP bonus). Magic Attacks are great for this, as you can attack with no risk of your card being Possessed – remember, even if the Tentacles aren’t facing your card when you play it, that doesn’t mean your opponent can’t rotate it. This can also be used in your favour, of course, as rotating the Tentacles to face a wall will completely neutralise it and release whatever card it has Possessed, but just remember that your opponent can always rotate it back for only 1 Mana.

Ultimately, the usefulness of this card all comes down to timing. Played in the right place at the right time, it can be a crippling blow to your opponent’s plans, giving you enough time to recover from a loss, or prepare for that final push to victory. Use it without any proper thought though and you’ve just wasted 2 Mana.

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Posted by DaLancer on Sat, 29th Mar 2008, at 15:56
Its a situational card: Perfect card in some situations, not worthwhile in many others. It isn't bad mind you, just you need to protect this thing.
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