Dancing Temptress
The Dancing Temptress is a very unusual card – it’s only purpose in the game is to die.

With only 1HP and 0 Attack Power, this card is as weak as they come. This is all in aid of its true purpose though, which is to be sacrificed for the greater good.
When the Dancing Temptress dies, the card in front of it (assuming there is one) takes the place of the dead Temptress. On top of that, the owner of the Temptress steals 1 Mana from the owner of the other card.

Now, this might not seem like a great ability to you. And you’d be right – it isn’t. And for a Summon Cost of 3 Mana, you’d probably be expecting a bit more. Unfortunately, this card doesn’t provide. The most effective way of using this card is to play it on a Fire field (which will kill it instantly, thus invoking its abilities), preferably against a Water creature so that it takes damage when it moves onto the Fire field. Alternatively, place it so that the card in front can counter attack when the Temptress attacks it, killing the Temptress and switching positions.

There are a couple of problems with this card. If the enemy player has no Mana, you don’t get anything when the Temptress dies. Additionally, if the Temptress is facing one of your own cards, it will switch places with that too – it isn’t just limited to enemy cards. Of course, this can be good or bad depending on the situation, but it makes the card a liability to leave on the board.

If your enemy plays a Temptress, and it doesn’t die right off, they are pretty easy to deal with. Using Possession or a Beguiling Fog, turn it so that it’s either facing nothing, or an enemy which will take damage on the Temptress’ tile, and then just kill it with anything. If you can’t turn it to a position that isn’t going to hurt you, make sure that you don’t have any Mana left when you do kill it, that way your opponent at least won’t be able to steal it from you.

Ultimately, this card is interesting, but not particularly great. Biolith Stinger is a better card for switching places, and there are other ways of stealing Mana from your opponent. If you think that this combination in a single card is actually going to help you, then feel free to experiment with it, but otherwise, there are better cards for the job.

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Posted by slarth on Sat, 24th Nov 2007, at 15:08
the only real use i can think of is to switch position with pursuer of saint dhees, other than that leave it well alone
Posted by Noitu on Sat, 24th Nov 2007, at 21:35
Odd, while reading the article I was also thinking of it being semi-alright with Pursuer of Saint Dhees. =P
Posted by giftoftigerseye on Sun, 25th Nov 2007, at 03:09
I'll never put it in my deck anyone want one?
Posted by Fartwinky on Sun, 25th Nov 2007, at 09:54
i have 3 if anyone is in hong kong and wants some. this card blows on all levels except with rioutus impunity allowing it to be killed switch places with one of your own and then make it attack again because it goes in order of position change the position more attacks. Im guessing this though i havent tried it because the card blows too much for me to even try it out
Posted by Alex on Mon, 26th Nov 2007, at 09:11
I like the artwork of this card. But I agree that I will never put this card in my deck.
Posted by ArcaneJMS on Mon, 26th Nov 2007, at 13:06
There is one copy of this card in my "Switcheroo" deck, specifically designed to screw with the opponent's creature positioning. Here's what this card is really good at, that the Biolith Stinger can't do. Biolith Ninja, Firefly Ninja, Great Minos of Sciondar, and Juno Tree Haunt will all dodge a Biolith Stinger and therefore its ability will not go off. This card just has to die - which means in most cases, a counterattack will do the job. Some of these creatures will even immediately die when pulled off their tile. Yes, fissures of goghlie can do the same thing but it will cost you more mana and they will have 1 extra mana after their creature dies. Plus, you can do other things with this card as well - last night I killed a dungeon of ten tyrants by pulling it onto a wood field (and stole the 1 mana it gave him to boot). The card's not remotely useless, but it can definitely sit in your hand a lot.
Posted by ArcaneJMS on Mon, 26th Nov 2007, at 13:10
To clarify my previous post, when I said fissures of goghlie costed more than this card. Dancing Temptress costs 3 to cast and fissures costs 2. But, when Dancing Temptress is used most effectively, it immediately dies (1 mana refund) and steals 1 mana from your opponent. This results in a total cost of 1 mana to kill a perfect dodge, and a net gain for your opponent of zero. If you compare your gain vs your opponents game, that's you spend 1 opponent gains 0(temptress) vs You spend 2 opponent gains 1 (fissures). Clear win for the temptress.
Posted by Junotree on Mon, 26th Nov 2007, at 14:13
I agree. Seems like a waste for a rare card.
Posted by waynefresh on Tue, 27th Nov 2007, at 00:14
props for doing a spotlight on this card.it didnt seem like it was worth it but it is a rare so i thought i wasnt using it properly.i guess it just isnt that great,sucks that i have pulled 3 out of booster packs.
Posted by Merco on Tue, 27th Nov 2007, at 16:11
Can you spotlight the Great Minos Of Sciondar next? I keep fighting it online, and it is extremly annoying!
Posted by Pessimism on Fri, 30th Nov 2007, at 01:45
Hey- I agree she has her limitations, however, has anyone actually thought ahead with her? I mean, sure, current set she MIGHT be useless (or have very limited useability..) but future sets could see this one becoming a huge addition to a deck... just a thought!
Posted by exodusonline on Mon, 3rd Dec 2007, at 14:48
I think its quite useful for removing perfect dodged opponents from the board. As said before for the net cost of 1 mana, it can remove a Biolith Ninja or Firefly Ninjas perfect Dodge by way of swapping fields, but also can kill Juno or Minos in one go. I havent found out yet but I wonder if this can move a creature covered by invisibility... I know you cant attack with it, but can it move an invisible creature by way of dying from other means rather than inducing a counterattack which isnt possible on something invisible???
Posted by Pessimism on Mon, 3rd Dec 2007, at 20:40
Exodusonline: Had the same thought myself with that one! Have been waiting to try it out, but need to get hold of this damn card first! Has anyone told you whether that works? It should, I mean, even if it's killed via a magic attack, it states it swaps with the card in FRONT of it, so Firefly/Biolith Ninja in front would move to her space, right- invisible or not? Or does inviibility mean it is immune to everything, period, full stop, no further questions...?
Posted by Pessimism on Mon, 3rd Dec 2007, at 20:53
Oh- another question: If it is YOUR creature on the field in front of her, does this negate the mana gain? Just the way the card is worded. If that is the case, then she is a little less appealing....
Posted by Kraxis on Wed, 5th Dec 2007, at 05:32
Since this card's move effect doesn't target the creature, it can move invisible creatures. If the creature on the field in front of her is yours, you simply lose 1 mana then regain that mana, so you have 0 net gain on terms of mana due to effect of the card. However you will get your 1 mana normally when she dies. So in such a situation, you will just move your own creature to the field that temptress was on, and you will gain only 1 mana due to destruction of the temptress.
Posted by ducker on Thu, 3rd Jan 2008, at 11:13
I'll have to try this card with an invisible creature. I haven't pulled it yet with an invisible creature. Then again, I most likely wouldn't target THAT creature, but rather the creature that is giving it invisibility. I think this card is WAY under-rated by the people here. for a net of 1 mana. You can place this card, move an opponents creature, and steal one of their mana. Moving an expensive activation creature in such a way making it completely ineffective is a huge ability!!! How many cards allow you to move your opponents cards on the board, as well as steal 1 of their mana?
Posted by DaLancer on Wed, 23rd Jan 2008, at 01:05
This is one of those few 'anti-god cards". When played infront of a god so that if your oponite distroys it by using the gods attacks, it lures it onto the biolth field (or off in biolth god's case) and its distroyed. Its a very situational card, but I seen it become the game winning card if played at the perfect time. Although every card is like that I suppose...
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