Freedonian Wanderer
The Freedonian Wanderer is a fairly average card for the most part - 2HP and 1 Attack Power are fairly standard stats for a low-level creature. What sets it apart though, is its Mana generation ability – if you play the card on a non-Fire Field, you get 1 extra Mana every time you summon a creature. This makes is one of the cheapest ways available to generate extra Mana, and also makes it the perfect card to play on the very first turn – under most circumstances (excluding your opponent playing a Mana-generation spell, or something else equally dire for you), there are only 4 cards that can be played on the first turn which will be able to kill it without hitting its Blind Spot.

This means that you have a pretty good chance of generating at least 1 Mana back from its ability – after that, the card has already paid for itself, so if it dies in a later turn, there is no net Mana loss, and anything generated afterwards is just a bonus.

Unfortunately, the fact that its ability doesn’t work on a Fire Field, meaning it is deprived of its Field Bonus, means that its survivability drops considerably beyond the first turn of the game, especially since any sensible opponent will go out of their way in order to deprive you of that extra Mana. That isn’t to say you should avoid using it mid-game, but you should definitely keep in mind that it is going to have a huge target painted on its back, and you should try and take measures to protect it if possible.

If your enemy plays the Freedonian Wanderer, destroying it shouldn’t prove too much of a problem, unless they have given it some extra defence somehow (or simply placed it in a corner where you can’t reach it). If this is the case, don’t be shy about using one of the more expensive Magic Attack creatures to take it out (the Partmole Fire Oracle does this job quite nicely), as you certainly don’t want your opponent getting that Mana advantage. If your opponent gets the first turn and plays this card, a Partmole Flame Lizard, or Samurai Nagirashu are the most reliable ways of eliminating it quickly. Less reliably, you can also use a Green Lycanthrope, or an Elven Berserker Maiden, although neither of these are 100% guaranteed to be able to destroy it.

If you manage to get a Wanderer into play beyond the beginning of the game, don’t be afraid to spend some extra Mana keeping it alive. A Healing Shower is great for this, and an Elder Monk of Okunada, or a Verzar Canine can both be used to help keep it around. This card also works extremely well in Biolith-themed decks. While you would generally want to avoid creatures with a Summoning Cost of 2, if you can keep it alive the Freedonian Wanderer will easily make up for that, and it also works very well in combination with the Imperial Biolith Guard.

The Freedonian Wanderer is the embodiment of the phrase ‘Make Love not War’. If you can keep it alive, it will reward you greatly, but it will never do that well in combat, so you should try and keep it safely hidden away. If you aren’t planning on making use of its Mana ability (and if not, why not?), you may as well not bother taking it – the aforementioned Partmole Flame Lizard has higher Attack Power and isn’t hindered in any way by being placed on a Fire Field.

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Posted by ShadowKoneko on Sat, 15th Dec 2007, at 19:50
The problem is no matter where you put it for its ability, it will always be succeptible to a 1-hit kill by the berserker maiden in berserk mode if its the Standard/Official board layout.
Posted by ShadowKoneko on Sat, 15th Dec 2007, at 19:51
Well, except the Only spot it can, which would be where the maiden would be.. the lower right Earth field. :3
Posted by Nitism on Sat, 15th Dec 2007, at 21:11
This card is pretty good but you shouldn't play it on the first turn play something beforehand that can protect it then play it, Edin and then on a wood field works well..
Posted by drackmire on Mon, 17th Dec 2007, at 02:46
You have to play this card with the current board position in mind. If it sticks around it's awesome...if it sticks around. You can always use this to force the opponents hand since anything that gives mana to your opponent needs to be negated as quickly as possible.
Posted by Merco on Sun, 6th Jan 2008, at 06:33
An extremly useful card if you don't have any other mana-generating cards. The HP is a bit of an issue, though.
Posted by krisfairholm on Sat, 19th Jan 2008, at 03:03
waste of time card, only reason you would ever want to play this card is if you want to earn Mana but chances are it will cost you 1 Mana when it gets taken out first time and destroyed before it has to chance give you anything perhaps would be nice to see a card in the future similar that instead of only gaining you an extra Mana when you cast a creature yourself it gives you an extra Mana when your opponent casts a creature at least that way it would at least cover its own cost when your opponent has to cast a creature to destroy it then if they don’t take it out first time you are in the profit.
Posted by DaLancer on Wed, 23rd Jan 2008, at 00:57
This card while mana generating is good, it is useless/very weak if played later. The only way playing later might work if yu can give it protectsion, but if not it is a waste, something a mana generating card should't be!
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