Siam, Traitor of the Seas
Here we have Siam, Traitor of the Seas, the Water Phantom.

First, since you can’t see any info on the card, here are the details for Siam, Traitor of the Seas:

Summoning Cost: 3
Activation Cost: 2
HP: 4
Attack Power: 2+

Siam attacks the same target twice.
The counterattack of the target creature occurs after the second attack.
Siam adds 1 to his Attack if the target creature is a Water creature.
All enemies on Water fields subtract 1 from their Attack.

Siam uses the standard single-front-target Attack Pattern, and has the standard single Blind Spot at his back.

As with most Phantoms, Siam is a very potent card. 4HP makes him a tough card when placed on a Water field, and 2 Attack Power with 2 Attacks means it he can dish out plenty of Damage too. Throw in the fact that, if his target is a Water creature, his Attack Power goes up (for a total of 6 Damage), and combined with the fact that he only costs 3 Mana to summon and you have a very powerful card.
He also has the added bonus of reducing the Attack Power of any enemy on a Water Field by 1 – not something to base taking the card on, but a very nice effect which can catch your opponent out if they aren’t paying enough attention.

Being one of the Phantoms, there is very little downside to Siam – relatively high HP and great attack potential make it a very solid card, especially for such a low Summoning Cost, and none of its abilities require it to be on a Water field to function. Really, the only bad thing you can say about the card is that it is much less tactically useful than the other Phantoms – Siam is a damage dealing through and through, lacking some of the more interesting opportunities that the other Phantoms offer, but this might be exactly what you are looking for.

Countering an enemy Siam is a fairly standard affair, only made tricky by its high HP. Unless you have a heavy hitting card Pursuer of Saint Dhees, or one of the Dragons to score a one-hit kill, you will have to be content with whittling it away slowly. A Novogus Catapult or one of the other ranged cards is a good way of hitting him without threat, but aside from that, anything with more than 1 Attack Power will get the job done in a few turns. Ironically, if you have a Siam of your own, that will also be enough to finish the enemy’s card in a single attack.

Because of its heavy attack focus and the fact that it will likely become the brunt of your opponents attentions, Siam benefits a lot from a little defensive support. A Dodge bonus from an Elder Monk of Okunada, or Protection from a Verzar Canine (or both, if you are so inclined) work well to protect him from standard attacks. Giving him a Healing Shower will boost his HP to the point where he can shrug off all but the most powerful Magic Attacks, so that is something also worth considering.

If you want a cheap, powerful attack card, Siam is a great choice. If you are making a more tactical deck however, you might want to consider one of the other Phantoms to better support your decks theme – remember, you can only have 1 Phantom per deck!

Check out the Dragoon Dragon Cavalry review for details on the Pros and Cons of Multiple-Attack creatures.

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Posted by ArcaneJMS on Thu, 3rd Jan 2008, at 15:48
Siam was the first phantom i ever pulled. Having both Didi and Siam in your deck means that any time you have 3 mana, your opponent better watch out. The epitome of cheap damage. A real beast when coupled with Latoo, also.
Posted by drackmire on Thu, 3rd Jan 2008, at 19:47
You can't really beat Siam for cost to power ratio. 4-6 damage for 3 mana is nothing to sneeze at. I can't the number of Aluhja Priestess I've shut down with this card. His attack pattern is limited, but it's hardly a negative for this powerhouse! Also my first phantom, though he seems to be in circulation more so than the other ones.
Posted by edgalor on Wed, 9th Jan 2008, at 23:39
it's like a lesser Didi, works great as a field cleaner, especially for the amount of mana it takes to summon and activate.. I had a dude finished my undead king in 1 hit with Siam attacking his blind spot... a great phantom card~
Posted by DarkPrince on Mon, 28th Jan 2008, at 07:14
The first phantom i pulled and only so far, awesome card and am still trying to figure out whether i should put him with Latoo or Didi
Posted by Jehuty13 on Tue, 12th Feb 2008, at 14:00
Maybe the coolest card in set 1! Low cost, strong and a good spezial ability making this card extremely dangerous! 5 of 5 stars
Posted by bettand on Fri, 9th May 2008, at 12:34
OK, I am posting this 3 months after the rest of you, but Siam cannot be played with Didi or Latoo. Only 1 Phanton is allowed per deck.
Posted by bettand on Fri, 9th May 2008, at 13:44
Disregard that last post, I'm an idiot. Latoo & Didi are heroes and this is a non-issue.
Posted by Phoros on Sun, 11th May 2008, at 07:26
Siam is a great card but it depends on your deck to which phantom will best suit your playstyle. If you want mana use inquisitoor koog. Siam is as good as didi 5 0ut of 5. Siam Rules.
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