Verzar Foot Soldier
The Verzar Foot Soldier is a fairly standard low level card which is made interesting by the fact that it becomes more powerful if you have more than one of them on the board. That it has 2HP for a Summoning Cost of one makes it a very usable card, but the fact that its Attack Power goes up to 2 if you have 2 or more of them on the board makes it a great low cost card. The catch being that you have to get 2 of them on the board first before you can take advantage of this fact.

While the Foot Soldier has no specific weaknesses, the fact that it is a low level card makes it vulnerable to pretty much any mid/high level card. It has reasonable HP for a low level card, so if placed on an Earth Field, it might be able to survive a hit from something heavier (assuming you hide the Blind Spot), but, as with most 1-Mana cards, you shouldn’t be making any long term plans based around its survival.

In the same vain, enemy Foot Soldiers should prove little problem for you. Depending on how quickly you want to destroy them (if you do at all – ignoring them entirely may be a valid tactic depending on the situation) and how much Mana you want to spend in the process. Depending on enemy placement, a Biolith Battle Chariot is very good at cleaning up low cost cards like this – especially if they don’t have their Field Bonuses. Ultimately though, standard tactics apply – chip away at it over a few turns or hit it with something big.

Being an Earth card, the Foot Soldier has good synergy with the Monk Elder of Okunada, should you decide you want to give him a hand staying alive (both Earth Fields on the defeat grid layout are next to Water Fields) and so combining the 2 works fairly well.

In the grand scheme of things, the Verzar Foot Soldier isn’t going to win any awards, but for a low cost card, it does fairly well - especially when combined with another Foot Soldier – and you don’t lose anything by Summoning it because it only costs 1 Mana to play.

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Posted by Jehuty13 on Sat, 1st Mar 2008, at 13:55
Yes, there it is: Verzar Foot Soldier! my favorite 1 mana creature at this time! i have nothing else to say about this card - icepics review is perfect! 3 1/2 of 5 stars
Posted by DaLancer on Sat, 1st Mar 2008, at 18:04
A pretty standard card. It does what it does well for 1 mana. The only thing about him is that you need at least 2 in your deck if you plan to use it (otherwise your not using its special ability, so no point in using him at all).
Posted by OverZee on Sun, 2nd Mar 2008, at 07:06
I prefer verzar canine more, because of it's protection ability, but with 2 of these guys on te board, they are quite nasty, espacially when all 3 earth-fields are in play, together with arelai the protector, very hard to destroy then
Posted by bettand on Mon, 3rd Mar 2008, at 15:04
Just out of curiosity Icepick, is there a 5/5 rated card in your opinion?
Posted by edgalor on Mon, 3rd Mar 2008, at 20:26
1 mana for a 4 hp creature. what more can you ask? it can be a very good place holder if you put it on an earth field. I alawys use this card~ it's not easy to get rid of a 4 hp creature
Posted by krisfairholm on Tue, 11th Mar 2008, at 20:14
I have 3 of these in nearly every deck I play or at least 2, their is no better card to play first move I think
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