Leapfrog Bandit
The Leapfrog Bandit is the lowest rung of the Set 1 Wood cards. Despite its low HP and low Attack Power however, it is a pivotal part of most Discard-themed decks – whenever the Leapfrog Bandit is destroyed on a Non-Wood Field, the opponent has to discard one of his cards. This makes the card useful for 2 reasons:
1 – Because of its Ranged attack, it can sit in a corner and pick away at enemy cards while your opponent is reluctant to destroy it because of the discard he will be forced into.
2 – Because it only has 1 HP, if there are any Earth Fields available, you can play the Bandit straight into the Earth Field, killing it instantly and forcing your opponent to discard right away, and returning the 1 Mana that the card costs to you. You should be careful about doing this too many times however, as it means you are going to potentially be a card behind your opponent in field control.
Thanks to this versatility and this low cost, the Bandit is a very useful low level card, and can make a great opening card.
If you aren’t looking to force your opponent into a quick discard, you can also place the card onto a Wood Field for the HP bonus. This way, your opponent has to spend more Mana to kill it, the end result of which is still a discarded card, wasting more of his precious resources.

The only real downside to this card is that it cannot Attack enemies directly next to it – it is strictly a ranged card. While low HP might also be an issue in some situations, the fact is that this card ultimately exists to be destroyed.

If your opponent uses a Leapfrog Bandit against you, you should very carefully consider your options before you spend any Mana trying to destroy it. If you have a card in your hand which you don’t need, or can’t use for whatever reason, you can easily destroy the Bandit and simply discard that card, in which case there is no problem. If your hand is full of cards you can’t bare to part with however, you should consider leaving the Bandit alone. Check to see if there is another enemy card you can destroy, even if it costs a little more Mana or takes a little more time. You don’t want to be forced to discard something you’re going to need a few turns from now.

If you want to try and get your opponent to waste a bit of Mana, the Leapfrog Bandit works well with the Monk Elder of Okunada. The Dodge attempt gives your Bandit the chance of wasting your opponent’s attack, which still allowing it to be killed easily if they manage to land a blow – this means it will be a tempting target for your opponent if they need to destroy one of your cards quickly. In either situation, the opponent loses resources, so it’s win-win. Protection is another option for forcing the opponent to expend extra Mana, but because of the low HP of the Leapfrog Bandit, it generally won’t help you that much.

So, there you go. The Leapfrog Bandit is a versatile and potent low-level card which can be used in a number of ways and it can work well in any kind of deck, not just Discard decks.

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Posted by DaLancer on Sat, 29th Mar 2008, at 15:54
Indeed a very useful card for annoying your opponite, but this cards effect doen;t some into play til its destroyed, so if your opponite ignors it, it is pretty much useless (and its limited attack range means that this thing will rairly get you out of check any time soon). Useful effect, but its still a weak card.
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