Green Lycanthrope
Today’s subject is the unusual Green Lycanthrope, possibly one of the most unpredictable cards in the game.

The potential of this card is obvious. A Creature which costs 1 Mana to summon, and has the chance for 6HP when summoned to a Wood Field, with an Attack Power of 2 is obviously a force to be reckoned with. On the other hand, a Creature with only 1HP and 0 Attack Power is completely useless as anything but space filler to anyone. And, unfortunately for this hapless woodsman, the Green Lycanthrope is both at the same time. Whenever it is summoned to the board, there is a 50% chance that it will be a huge, fearsome and powerful green lizard monster, and a 50% chance that it will be a tiny, basically useless woodsman.

Obviously, in the ideal situation that you end up with the useful form of this card, it’s an extremely potent card. With 6HP when summoned to an Wood Field, it’s obviously going to be hard to shift, and a reasonable attack power means it won’t be completely useless either. If you’re unfortunate though, you’re going to end up with the useless version. In this situation, all you can do is be sure that you’re hitting the target’s Blind Spot so you can do at least one point of damage.

If you find yourself faced with an enemy Green Lycanthrope (and it’s pretty likely you will, given the incredible potential of this card), the method you use to get rid of it is obviously going to depend on which form it takes. If it takes the weaker form, you can use anything you want to take it out – it will have at best 3HP if summoned to a Wood field, and only 1 if summoned elsewhere. Obviously the lizard form is going to be tougher to deal with. With 6HP with its Field Bonus, you’re going to need a pretty heavy hitter to take it out. The easiest way to deal with a problem like this, without having to waste a high-cost summon on something which only cost the enemy a single Mana point, is to use a Fieldquake and/or a Beguiling Fog (or some other card which rotates enemy Creatures) to expose its Blind Spot. This means you can rob it of its HP bonus and deal an extra point of damage, allowing even weaker creatures to take it out in a couple of turns.

When supported with a Clare Wil’s Banner, or a Healing Shower, or something to give it a defensive bonus, such as Dodge from a Monk Elder of Okunada, this card can cause your opponent some serious headaches from the offset. Whether you choose to use this card or not comes down to personal preference. If you don’t mind taking risks, and your deck is designed to handle a little randomness, this card is fantastic, but if you like reliability and like being able to plan ahead, you should probably avoid this card. But hey, if worst comes to worst and you get the weak form, it only costs 1 Mana to summon, and if it’s killed, you get that right back.

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Posted by Cubicman on Thu, 8th Nov 2007, at 19:38
This card is good when its the monster guy, but it sucks when its the farmer
Posted by Cubicman on Thu, 8th Nov 2007, at 19:38
This card is good when its the monster guy, but it sucks when its the farmer
Posted by Silvadeus on Thu, 8th Nov 2007, at 21:46
Great Review, Never would have thought to use a Monk Elder card!
Posted by slarth on Fri, 9th Nov 2007, at 08:17
i like reliability, so this cards i wouldn't touch at all. although i can see why people would use it
Posted by ThaDreamer on Fri, 9th Nov 2007, at 09:28
I like this card very much, when ive got it in the first draw i always use it right away because its a cheap card with high stats... just one time it did not change into the lycanthrope but when the card gets destroyed you get the mana back... so its never a problem
Posted by Junotree on Fri, 9th Nov 2007, at 10:07
I have a few of these but have not implemented them in my deck yet. Seems like a risky choice with this card. Although, the one mana summon cost makes it worthwhile. At the very least it's a placeholder and I would get my mana back if it died. Good review.
Posted by Blublub on Fri, 9th Nov 2007, at 10:17
Probably my favorite card in the whole deck. I go with three of these at all times and always save one for a "when all else fails" moment. Sure, it only works HALF the time but it's better than losing ALL the time.
Posted by ArcaneJMS on Fri, 9th Nov 2007, at 12:44
This card is excellent in a deck that relies on high mana levels to get out mid to high casting cost creatures. If it "goes off" it's a tank that can bring the pain for only 1 mana. If not, it's likely to die and regenerate that mana. Essential for power decks.
Posted by thegman on Fri, 9th Nov 2007, at 19:03
Another card to put in the deck if you have it. Play it early if you get it or definately use it with a Clare Will's Banner and healing shower and you'll be suprised it will stay until the end!
Posted by Elyndil on Sat, 10th Nov 2007, at 16:37
Single handedly MY favorite card in the game. I always like taking a gamble, and its still a win/ major win for you. you either pay 1 mana anf get it right back and make ur opponent waste an attack on it, or a huge creature with only 1 activation for 2 damage is really nice
Posted by drackmire on Mon, 12th Nov 2007, at 22:08
If this costed anything but 1, it wouldn't be worth playing. The cost of 1 though gives it a few options. It's a good early play, if you get lucky and get the beefy version. That's hard to deal with early on and could quite possibly make the game end very early if the opponent doesn't draw anything to deal with it. Also, late game if you have the opponent in check sometimes you have only high cost creatures in your hand; having a 1 cost will seal the deal. I haven't had a chance to try this card out, but I see it's potential. I also foresee it never getting the bonus for me. I have yet to have any of my creatures with dodge....actually dodge, yet the computers always do.
Posted by DxXxH on Tue, 13th Nov 2007, at 06:45
IMO the BEST card in the game. At a summoning of 1!! WOW how could you not love it. Even if the card doesnt "pop" Youve got a space filler who doesnt affect your net mana. Also opponents tend to forget about this guy if he doesnt evolve into the stronger version, which leaves you open for blind spot attacks of 1 sometimes. Great card, i have 3 of them in my deck currently.
Posted by Crovax on Tue, 13th Nov 2007, at 23:19
I like this card but i would never put it in my deck. I would rather play dodge decks and force my opponent to think about that 50% rather then me worry if it;ll be useless or not.
Posted by giftoftigerseye on Sun, 25th Nov 2007, at 03:49
One of the cards that is always in my deck very usefull, even if he deosn't evolve he still gives back all the mana he used up in the first place
Posted by Scanlon on Thu, 29th Nov 2007, at 16:31
May be the only card worth playing on turn one. I have three in every deck, since he averages out to a 1/2.5 creature for 1 mana, which beats the archers and foot soldiers.
Posted by krisfairholm on Fri, 4th Jan 2008, at 22:26
I like having this card as an option, would only ever use if had no choice or was in total control and could afford to take the risk, other than that if the opportunity is not there to use this card I often discard for use of a ritual of some type, but well worth having because when he does give you the lizard this card is the best value 1 Mana card their is
Posted by DaLancer on Mon, 4th Feb 2008, at 00:54
1 mana for a potentail 6 hp 2 attack at best, or 1 hp 0 attack at worst. I don't use it myself, but I have seen very lucky people get a few out in lizard form.... thats no fun to deal with.
Posted by Phoros on Sun, 11th May 2008, at 07:43
if the card transforms this card has the same stats as a novogus catapult on an Earth Field 6HP, 2 atk 1sc, 1ac, 1rc. If it doesn't work you still get your mana back.
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