Bewitching Elf Archeress
On today’s Card Spotlight, we have the Bewitching Elf Archeress, the mainstay of most deck's Wood force.

At first glance, these diminutive elves don't look like much. Only 1 Attack Power and 2HP, who cares, right?
However, this card has a few interesting advantages which make it more useful that it appears. For starters, it is one of only two cards available which gives 2HP for a Summoning Cost of 1 Mana (the other being Verzar Foot Soldier), which makes it a cheap defensive option if you need to hold a Wood Field for a couple of turns (4HP with its Field Bonus). Secondly, its attack is a ranged, non-magical attack, which means it is able to exploit enemy Blind Spots without fear of retaliation, and finally, its most interesting point, if the Archeress manages to hit its target, that target is rotated 180 degrees, potentially disarming what would be a powerful foe, and exposing Blind Spots for your other Creatures to hit. Coupled with its insanely low Summoning Cost, this makes it a valuable card to have in your hand, especially early in the game.

The major downside to this card is that it is vulnerable to close range attacks, being unable to counter attack Creatures in its immediate area. This means that Summoning it anywhere but a Wood Field is basically suicide, given the number of Creatures able to deal 2 Damage. That said, even if it should be killed, it still only costs 1 Mana to Summon, which means you have no net Mana loss.

Dealing with enemy Archeress cards is a fairly tricky problem. They are too weak to justify using a high cost Creature to destroy them, but they are a sufficient enough nuisance that you can't really ignore them either. Your best bet is to summon something like a Partmole Flame Lizard, or anything else with 2 Attack Power, next to it. If the Archeress isn't on a Wood Field, it's an instant kill, and if it is, you can finish it off cheaply in your next turn (especially with the aforementioned Partmole Flame Lizard, which only has an Activation Cost of 1 Mana).

All in all, a nice solid card whose advantages greatly outweigh any disadvantages, and I haven't seen many decks which don't have at least one of them.

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Posted by Shadowblade on Mon, 5th Nov 2007, at 18:07
Nice card! Cheap yet effective! Always one of my favs turn 1. Why not do Freedonian Wanderer or Skeleton Soldier next?
Posted by drackmire on Tue, 6th Nov 2007, at 03:11
I am definitely a fan of utility cards. For a common this has some of the best utility options. This and beguiling fog are two of my favorite cards simply because they can change the orientation of cards. Hitting blind spots is essential to take down some of the tougher cards, especially ones with defense. Being able to turn an opponents creature then summon a creature to their blind spot is always nice.
Posted by Elyndil on Wed, 7th Nov 2007, at 13:08
Very essential in almost all decks, 1 power, even if it dies right away u hopefully get to turn someone. The downside to this card alot people dont see, Dont put your cards into her attack zone, cause if she counters its your guy she'll be attacking:)
Posted by Crescens on Wed, 7th Nov 2007, at 17:37
@ Shadowblade I never lay this down as a first turn unless my opponent went first and laid down a creature. I see this card as a purely reactive card. Just my opinion. Then again, I prefer decks with tons of cheap creatures. @Elyndil BEA's don't counter that way. You would have to hit her with a ranged attack. Why would you want to hit her with a ranged attack if you own her?
Posted by slarth on Wed, 7th Nov 2007, at 18:54
cheap cost, decent effect and can make the difference from your opponent ruling the field and not. All in all, not a bad card
Posted by Blublub on Wed, 7th Nov 2007, at 22:42
Gotta love the ranged little guys. Nothing like peppering a huge beast two tiles a way with 1 damage attacks again and again.
Posted by bodine1231 on Thu, 8th Nov 2007, at 00:27
By far the best 1 casting cost creature in the game. For such a cheap cost you can lock down an opponents creature AND avoid a counter-attack. Every deck should have at least 2 of them.
Posted by Junotree on Thu, 8th Nov 2007, at 11:28
The low summon and mana cost make this a "must have" card. there are too many pro's to leave this card out of a wood deck. I love that she rotates her enemies.
Posted by ArcaneJMS on Fri, 9th Nov 2007, at 12:46
Best common in the game, in my opinion. I don't have a single deck without at least one.
Posted by thegman on Fri, 9th Nov 2007, at 19:04
This is a no brainer. This card is a MUST ALWAYS PERIOD!
Posted by DxXxH on Tue, 13th Nov 2007, at 07:03
Great card, ALWAYS have at least 2 in your deck!!!!!
Posted by Crovax on Tue, 13th Nov 2007, at 23:21
i don't like this card as much as say leapfrog bandits, as such i don't have any in my deck.
Posted by WourdalakkNimh on Wed, 14th Nov 2007, at 18:49
I have 2 of this nice "rotator" in my deck and it is , so far anyway , a very good play at low cost
Posted by hellraiser4582 on Thu, 6th Dec 2007, at 13:09
To be honest with you I don't like having to attack the creature a space over from me. I just find it as a cheap place holder. I have at least ten of them and zero go in my decks.
Posted by krisfairholm on Wed, 26th Dec 2007, at 21:13
This card is excellent for 1 Mana, people who don’t rate this card are wrong not to do so, when you turn your opponent chances are that there attack in facing away from where they want, potentially stopping them from using the card against you on the next turn, plus there back or blind spot 90% of the time will be facing your Archer next time round so for as little as 2 Mana over 2 goes you can knock 3HP off a target and portentously deem them useless during their go, that’s worth 2 Mana in my game any day.
Posted by edgalor on Thu, 10th Jan 2008, at 19:44
I wold always find a spot or 2 for this card along with Foot Soldier ~ those are the 2 single best 1 mana card~
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