Flame Ascetic
Today we’ve got the Flame Ascetic, some strange kind of monk from the Cult of Mourning.

The Flame Ascetic can be a potentially devastating card against mid to high level enemy creatures. With its special Attack Power boosting ability, it does 2 extra damage 50% of the time. This means that if you are hitting a Blind Spot, this guy has a chance to do 5 Damage – excellent for a card which only takes 3 Mana to summon.
On top of that, it only costs 1 Mana to activate, making it a very powerful offensive card (just like a lot of the Fire cards). Add in a perfectly respectable 3HP (boosted to 5 on a Fire field), and the Flame Ascetic is a good, solid card.

Unfortunately, it can also be pretty unreliable. If you’re entire game plan relies on this card killing an enemy with 4 or 5 HP, and it doesn’t get its damage boost, you are going to find yourself in some trouble. This makes it hard to depend on the card in those make-or-break situations that you can often find yourself in late in the game.
It also has a pretty high turning cost of 3 Mana (again, like a lot of other Fire cards), which means that to turn and then attack with him will actually cost you more than Summoning him originally did.

Still, these points shouldn’t put you off of using the card, as it is still a good card even if its attack booster doesn’t go off. In fact, this card presents you with a very potent damage opportunity – if you have 2 Clare Wil’s Banner cards your hand, and your enemy has been foolish enough to place a high HP Creatures in front of the Flame Ascetic (or you have a Beguiling Fog in your hand in order to turn him to an enemy at its side), you can play both of the Clare Wil’s Banners onto the card, and then have it attack. If you’re lucky enough to have the damage boost go off, you’ll hit the enemy for a massive 8 Damage (9 if you’re attacking a Blind Spot), which is enough to kill a Dragon – and it only costs a low 3 Mana to do it. Granted, it’s a bit of a gamble, but you wouldn’t be using the card in the first place if you were adverse to taking risks!

All in all, the Flame Ascetic is a nice card with a lot of potential. As long as you don’t rely on it to get you out of a Check situation, you should find it works out pretty well.

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Posted by Madafaca on Mon, 12th Nov 2007, at 14:22
Anyways, once summoned you still only pay 1 mana for 2 attack (in the worst case) so it's a pretty good deal. Same as for the Partmole Flame Lizard which is very similar to this card.
Posted by thegman on Mon, 12th Nov 2007, at 15:05
Its a good card to have in your deck. It's probably a mainstayer in mine.
Posted by drackmire on Mon, 12th Nov 2007, at 21:57
From playing this for a few weeks now, anything with more than one on it's basic attack numbers has proven to be solid. This is solely based on the cards currently out. Being able to pay 1 for an attack of 2 is better than most cards right now, with an activation cost of 1. The extra 2 damage, 50% of the time is just a nice bonus. Once I get a few of these, I'll probably go with 1-2 in the deck.
Posted by DxXxH on Tue, 13th Nov 2007, at 07:21
Not even a gamble at 2 dmg for 1 mana. PLUS the bonus of +2 attack? Try to place him in a corner protected, as rotation is 3 mana. GET ONE OR MORE OF THESE IN YOUR DECK. Solid card all around.
Posted by Crovax on Tue, 13th Nov 2007, at 23:16
this was my favorite card in the starter, its attack capabilities are just great. Never rely on him to give 4 and when he does it's pure bonus.
Posted by ArcaneJMS on Wed, 14th Nov 2007, at 12:35
Fire's answer to the Venoan Assassin, plus the 50% chance to do 4 damage means that if you were in an otherwise unwinnable situation, you might have a shot to get out of it. Certainly not good to rely on those odds, but pounding a large roadblock in a clutch situation feels great :)
Posted by PSPMAN07 on Fri, 30th Nov 2007, at 05:31
This card has been a definite powerhouse in my deck. I currently use the Starter Deck with only a few changes, however this card definitely helps manhandle those powerful monsters. Definitely a keeper IMO
Posted by Merco on Sun, 2nd Dec 2007, at 13:40
Whatever you do, try to NEVER rely on this in a win/lose situation with a card of 4HP. (Unless you have some kind of chance multiplyer card...)
Posted by exodusonline on Mon, 3rd Dec 2007, at 14:34
As far as I knew there wasnt a 'Chance Multiplier Card' so like the Green Lycanthrope the chance is totally random a 1 in 2 chance of it getting the bonus (contrary to some people thinking that on certain fields the effects have more chance - they simply dont).
Posted by Pessimism on Tue, 4th Dec 2007, at 17:38
Have been toying with a new deck- this guy makes an appearance, however I'd say his high turn cost may impede his usefullness. Good place holder on a fire field, and potentially lethal to boot. Haven't got a solid opinion on this one yet...
Posted by Pessimism on Tue, 4th Dec 2007, at 17:40
Madafaca: Partmole Flame Lizard has quickness though, so it really depends on the situation- I'd take either of these guys- both have potential.
Posted by DarkPrince on Mon, 28th Jan 2008, at 07:59
1 mana for a min of 2 damage how can you pass that up? I once had this same card vs another one while playing the cpu, cpu got 2 attack i got 4, it's all in the chance, but 1 mana for only 2 damage already says have this in the deck
Posted by DaLancer on Mon, 4th Feb 2008, at 00:47
Its a bit iffy with me. This card is great for taking out gods, and fortress, but its high rotation cost, and 50-50 chance for 4, I have seen WAY too many people lose duels cause they relie on that 4 damage, not the 2. Good for smashing things right in front of it, but besides that you can go with a venome assasian instead for 3 mana... ok card, but rotation cost makes it a kinda situational card, making it not great.
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