Biolith Bomber
The Biolith Bomber can be a very tricky card to work with – it is excellent in some situations and terrible in others. Being a Biolith card, it is subject to the Summoning Lock, and it won’t get a Field Bonus which means that its HP is set at 3 – while this is fairly standard for a creature with a Summoning Cost of 3, the lack of a Field Bonus makes it a little more vulnerable than it might be otherwise – means it might be tricky to get into play and keep it alive in the opening turns of the game, where it would be most useful. That doesn’t mean it is useless though. The Biolith Bomber has a very specific purpose – destroying low cost creatures, and this is a job it does very well. Whenever the Bomber attacks a card with a Summoning Cost of 2 or less, it adds 2 to its Attack Power, bringing it up to 3. If you can hit the Blind Spot, that takes the total up to 4 – enough to kill all but a small handful of cards in its target range in a single hit. Combined with its Full Long Range Strike Attack Pattern, allowing it to attack at a distance, and the Biolith Bomber makes a very good sweeping card.

The unfortunate downside to the card is that if its target has a Summoning Cost of more than 2, it only does 1 Damage, which is poor for a mid-range card. Combined with its aforementioned HP weakness and it makes for a very situational card which, if used at the wrong time, can end up being nothing but a waste of Mana.

That said, tackling an enemy Bomber can be a little tricky – its Attack Pattern allows it to counter almost any non-Magic Attack that’s likely to be directed at it from any direction, and if the card you are using has a Summoning Cost of 2 or less, it’s likely to come out of the fight worse than the Bomber does, unless you manage to kill it in a single hit. Your best bet is to attack it with something that has a Summoning Cost of 3 or more, preferably with a mind to kill it in a single hit. If the Bomber is on a Water Field, the Partmole Flame Guard is a great choice for this. Alternatively, an Elven Berserker Maiden will do the job if you can get it onto an Earth Field in a position to hit the Bomber, or if you happen to have a Hero matching the Field the Bomber is on, any of the Heroes (except Tino, the Biolith Hero) will be able to score a 1-hit kill against it.

The best way of keeping your Biolith Bomber alive is to take advantage of its Long Range attack ability, and keep it away from your opponent’s creatures altogether. If you are running a Biolith-themed deck, a Healing Shower will work wonders too, but aside from that, it might not be worth the effort trying to reinforce it.

When used properly, the Biolith Bomber can make short work of your enemies ranks frightening quickly, but it is a very situational card. If your opponent is using a deck full of low-cost creatures, it can be a game-winning tool, but if they are relying on more expensive cards, it can be a pointless hand-filler.

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Posted by Merco on Sun, 13th Jan 2008, at 15:24
These are fairly annoying if attempting the Biolith Scourge challenge...
Posted by DaLancer on Tue, 5th Feb 2008, at 20:58
Its a useful card. Don't underesamate it cause of its low attack and HP. A bomber is EXTREMELY useful for getting out of check, again and again.
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