Biolith Stinger
For your viewing pleasure, I present to you the rare and elusive Biolith Stinger.

With 1HP and 0 Attack Power, it would be incredibly easy to dismiss the Biolith Stinger right off, and never look at the card again. It would be a valid assessment too, except that this card has a unique ability which raises its usefulness from 0 to eleven by itself.

When a Biolith Stinger damages an enemy card, it switches places with that enemy. There are 3 very important points to remember here:
1 – 0 Damage still counts as damage, so even if you don’t reduce the target’s HP, you still get this effect. Only a ‘Miss’ counts as not doing damage.
2 – It says the effect goes off when it damages an enemy, not attacks an enemy. This means it happens when the Biolith Stinger counterattacks too.
3 – It can attack and counter-attack in any direction.
Combine this with the fact that, being a Biolith element Creature, it doesn’t suffer Field Penalties, and what you have here is a card which is able to move around the board at will. This is an unbelievably potent ability to have – it lets you pull enemies onto Fields of their opposing element for up to 4 Damage, it lets you expose Blind Spots, lets you pull cards such as Fortress out of their defensive positions to completely pull apart their defensive lines – the possibilities are enormous.

Unfortunately, it is also vulnerable to almost any kind of attack. With only a single Hit Point, even the lowliest of enemy creatures will have little trouble in dispatching it. One small saving grace is it’s Dodge attempt, meaning it has a 50% chance of evading any physical attacks, which might help keep it alive, but it wont help against cheap Magic Attack creatures such as the Flame Magus. This makes the Summoning Cost of 3 seem a little high considering it’s likely not to survive beyond it’s first turn.

There is, however, a very effective way to counter this major weakness. If you happen to have an Aegis Citadel in play, on a Biolith Field, the Biolith Stinger (and any other Biolith creatures you have on the board) will gain invisibility, making them completely invincible. This will leave your tiny little metal bug free to roam the board without having to worry about being squatted. Of course, using this tactic means that it loses the ability to counterattack enemies for a position switch (because they can’t hit it in the first place), but that actually makes the card a little more predictable, since your enemy can’t force it to switch Fields.

The other option you have, assuming it survives beyond it’s first turn, is to play a Healing Shower on it. This will bump its HP up to 4, giving it some more survivability. This option works particularly well in Biolith themed decks, because it means more of your creatures will be able to benefit from the healing shower.

With the proper support, this card is a fantastically useful tool which will most likely cause your opponents head to explode with frustration. The gamble you take is whether or not he is foolish enough to let it survive beyond it’s first turn.

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Posted by Silvadeus on Fri, 9th Nov 2007, at 16:28
Just a thought, a tactic you could use, is placin it in the corner with support on both sides the first turn, play healing shower and Tinoan Telekinises the second turn to get some great mana boosts and protect it that first turn.
Posted by slarth on Sat, 10th Nov 2007, at 09:43
if you play a biolith deck then this card can help but it is still weak for the cost
Posted by ArcaneJMS on Sat, 10th Nov 2007, at 14:27
My biolith stinger has killed so many gods it's not funny. If it's on a side tile thinking they're safe, i pull it to the center - mana charge :)
Posted by Elyndil on Sat, 10th Nov 2007, at 16:33
This card is VERY VERY tactical, but its true strenth comes out if you play it at the right time and not to early. Something as paying 3 to kill a god is always nice, but ppaying 3 to take an enemy offa a field that doesnt cost much isnt that great for the cost/risk.
Posted by Alex on Mon, 12th Nov 2007, at 03:33
I like this card a lot. It's a big risk to use it but that's part of the fun I think.
Posted by drackmire on Mon, 12th Nov 2007, at 22:13
You actually have to have it survive for a full turn before you can really do anything with it. You might get one good attack out of it, which in some cases might be all you need. A cost of 3 is pricey for the limits this guy has. If you can give him defense with a Se Hollyn Fortress when you drop him, that will be a great start for him. Even so, with just 1 health you kind of have to pray.:)
Posted by DxXxH on Tue, 13th Nov 2007, at 07:01
Not my favorite card for the fact of his 1 HP...on the other hand, has GREAT potential if used RIGHT. Remember to keep him alive more than one round some how if you summon him ;)
Posted by Scanlon on Thu, 29th Nov 2007, at 16:53
Would be fantastic without the summon lock requirement, but I guess that's part of what makes it a Biolith...
Posted by exodusonline on Mon, 3rd Dec 2007, at 15:12
Useful to clear the requirements to unlock the Biolith Deck (against the computer mode when you have to win by occupying ALL 5 Biolith fields). Other than that ive never really used it.
Posted by Merco on Sun, 16th Dec 2007, at 09:28
This card, combined with Fissures of Goghlie,means that it is virtually impossible for your opponent to play any God cards, and keep them on the field!
Posted by Pessimism on Wed, 16th Jan 2008, at 18:10
Meh- can go either way, this one: Great card, crap card- you choose. Biolith decks: Great. A deck that lacks fissures in it: Good. A deck that is multi-use (discard, fieldquake, power and defense)- average, as there are cards that can do the same thing and survive longer.... but as a card itself, without putting any strategy into your play- hopeless! Just doesn't have the staying power- even a healing shower has to wait till the following turn- it can be dead before then! BUT: That said, has the limited use of moving a creature- not a shabby ability. The dodge attempt is a nice addition, also- it REALLY needed it!
Posted by Merco on Thu, 3rd Apr 2008, at 09:33
There is a card in Set 2, the Biolith Transporter, that acts as a more expensive, but more potentially damaging version of this card.
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