Wormak, Biolith Heir

Here we have Wormak, Biolith Heir, the Biolith Phantom card.

First off, since you can’t see any details on the Phantom card, here are the stats for Wormak.

Summoning Cost: 4
Activation Cost: 2
HP: 4
Attack Power: 2+

Magic Attack
If the target is an enemy Biolith, Wormak's Attack is equal to 2 plus the number of non-Biolith creatures on the board.
Gain 1 Mana each time an enemy is summoned.

Wormak has the standard 1 Blind Spot at the back.

Now, for the most part, Wormak is a fairly standard card. Reasonable HP and a Magic Attack with ok Attack Power make it a usable card. However, his special abilities are where he really shines.
Wormak is especially adept at killing enemy Bioliths. If he attacks a Biolith, he gets does an extra point of damage for every non-Biolith creature on the board, yours or your enemies. Given that all Biolith creatures have a Summon Lock, this is most likely to be at least 4, giving him an Attack Power of at least 6 under most scenarios (unless there has been a lot of Fieldquaking and Biolith summoning prior to the Lock being released). That alone is enough to kill all but 3 Biolith monsters currently in the game in one hit, and enough to finish those other 3 in a second hit – very useful indeed. And he can do this from anywhere on the board, given that his attack is a Magic Attack.
Throw in the fact that, as long as you have Wormak on the board, you gain 1 Mana every time your enemy summons a creature, and you have an extremely powerful card.
However, Wormak’s usefulness doesn’t end there. His Activation Cost is only 2 Mana. That alone is very cheap for how much damage it can do, but if you combine it with Scion, Biolith Lord, whose special ability reduces the Activation Cost of all allied Bioliths by 2, then all of a sudden, Wormak can use his extremely potent attack for 0 Mana! That’s right – he can attack completely for free! Imagine the look on your opponents face when you do 6 or more damage to his Biolith God card without paying a single Mana.

The only real downside that Wormak has is his 4HP. While it isn’t too low, it’s low enough that your opponent won’t hesitate to throw everything he has at it in order to destroy it, and will probably manage it pretty quickly. Making sure you summon him with his Blind Spot against a wall will help keep him alive long enough for you to help him out with a Healing Shower or some other defensive card (the much touted Aegis Citadel on a Biolith Field would be perfect for this job).

If your enemy should play Wormak against you, you should endeavour to destroy it as soon as possible, even if you don’t use a Biolith heavy deck – that 1 Mana he gets every time you summon a creature will quickly add up to a big advantage for him. Ideally you should try and kill him straight after he is summoned, before you summon something yourself – a combo like Flame Magus/Venoan Assassin would be ideal for this, but if you aren’t lucky enough to have those exact cards available, just throw whatever you can at it.

Wormak does extremely well both in, and against, Biolith-themed decks. Your biggest obstacle will be actually finding the card – Phantom’s are very rare. If you have it though, don’t be afraid to use it.

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Posted by Cubicman on Thu, 15th Nov 2007, at 17:25
This is a great card. Thankfully I was lucky enough to get him.
Posted by ArcaneJMS on Sun, 18th Nov 2007, at 17:06
Best card in the game in my opinion. I use it in nearly every deck.
Posted by HEC on Wed, 21st Nov 2007, at 07:56
I've managed to get onbe of those as well and I simply LOVE it ...
Posted by drackmire on Mon, 3rd Dec 2007, at 22:25
A killing machine, and he gives you mana to boot. This card is SOLID!
Posted by hellraiser4582 on Thu, 6th Dec 2007, at 13:57
I want to make a biolith deck, but I am waiting to get this card. As of now I have the water and fire phantoms.
Posted by OverZee on Thu, 17th Jan 2008, at 15:39
i have it, its a monster!!!! best card of the game1
Posted by krisfairholm on Tue, 5th Feb 2008, at 18:46
give me Vulitra or Siam over this card any day ok its good as are the rest of the Phantoms but you play this card agaist a none biolith deck (witch are becoming more and more popular) this card wont last 2 moves you will prob get around 4 damage out of it for 6 mana and gain 3 back if you count the 1 you get once its distroyed
Posted by Jehuty13 on Tue, 12th Feb 2008, at 14:05
Wormak is a great card - my favorite of the phantoms! It's ability to gain mana every turn the enemy play's a card and his ability to destroy nearly every biolith card is amazing! Nothing else to say - 5 stars of 5
Posted by bettand on Mon, 5th May 2008, at 22:43
Every time I have faced this card I hate it and do everything I can to take it out quickly. I only wish it was a remotely attainable card. Can't find it on EOJmanager or eBay.
Posted by Viggi on Thu, 2nd Apr 2009, at 00:41
How much do you think i can sell this card for much money? just got it :P its pew pew...
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