Guardian Watchtower
The Guardian Watchtower – large, powerful and weird looking.

The Guardian Watchtower is a very interesting card for 2 reasons.
1 – For a Summoning Cost of 6, it has a ridiculous amount of HP.
2 – It has a race limit of only 1 Ancient per deck, but the Watchtower is the only Ancient card currently in the game. This shows that Sony/WotC are planning ahead with their expansions rather than just making it up as they go along.

It is also a very powerful card. Much like Scion, Biolith Lord and Tino, Son of Scion, the Guardian Watchtower’s Magic Attack hits not only its target, but every enemy with the same element as its target – very useful for softening up a number of weaker enemies for later culling. However, what makes this more useful is that any enemy it hits in this way is then rotated 180 degrees, which means that if you hit more than one enemy card, you can completely destroy your opponents battle plans in a single sweep.

It is also extremely difficult to destroy. With 10HP, no Blind Spot and no Elemental weaknesses, you don’t even have to worry about defending this card – your opponent would have to have something pretty amazing to threaten this thing. That said, you should be aware of Wormak, Biolith Heir, and the Pursuer of Saint Dhees – both of this cards have the potential to kill the Watch Tower in one hit, even with its substantial HP.

However, while these are all excellent points for the card, they are far from its biggest strength. If you have Scion, Biolith Lord on the board at the same time as the Guardian Watchtower, this thing basically becomes a Mana farm. At the end of every turn both of these cards are on the board, you get a Mana point for every single card you have in play – at least 2. Given the high costs of the 2 cards (6 each), and the fact that you can only have 1 of each in your deck, this might be a pretty tricky thing to do, but it is mostly definitely worth the effort trying. Having a Goghile Altar and a Parmetic Holy Feast in your deck will help expedite this process, along with any other Mana-generating cards like the Dungeon of Ten Tyrants.
A particularly devastating (although very unlikely) combo you could go for is the Guardian Watchtower, Scion, Biolith Lord, Wormak, Biolith Heir and Tino, Son of Scion. If by some chance, you manage to get all 4 of these cards on the board, you gain 1 Mana every time you summon a creature, 1 Mana every time your enemy summons a creature, 4 Mana at the end of every turn, and can wreak havoc with Magic Attacks across the entire board for practically nothing. Granted, by the time you have all these cards out, you’re so close to winning that it might not seem worth the effort, but it’s still sight to see.

If you should find yourself in the extremely unfortunate position of having one of these things used against you, your options are pretty limited. Unless you have the aforementioned Pursuer or Wormak available, with the conditions required to do significant damage (or a Dragon, and enough creatures in positions to hit the tower and the Mana to do that), your odds of destroying this thing are extremely low, so my advice is simply not to try. If they play a Scion, Biolith Lord while this thing is on the board, the sole focus that you have should be destroying Scion – if left for longer than a single turn, the Mana advantage your enemy will have could be enough to win the game for them. Remember, Scion + Watchtower = Very very bad for you.
If you aren’t content simply to ignore the enemy Tower, you will probably need a deck which provides you with extra Mana in order to take it down. Even then, it will be a long process if you wish to keep summoning as well. Keep chipping away at it using creatures with an AC of 1 (throw in a Clare Wil’s Banner if you are getting desperate, and remember that you can stack them) and keep at it till the tower falls.

This card has amazing potential to win games for you when used properly, and can easily find a home in any Biolith-themed deck. I’m eagerly looking forward to the next expansion to see if the other Ancients they release are as insane as this thing.

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Posted by ArcaneJMS on Sun, 18th Nov 2007, at 17:10
One of the few cards I don't have and have not seen played online yet (i've played close to 200 online games). I hope I pull one when my booster box arrives!
Posted by slarth on Mon, 19th Nov 2007, at 15:18
i have only once though, it caused absolute chaos
Posted by Noitu on Sat, 24th Nov 2007, at 21:42
I was lucky enough to pull one of these in my first few packs.
Posted by WourdalakkNimh on Sat, 1st Dec 2007, at 15:28
I have two of this card and I can only agree -- It is a very very powerful one to have in a deck.(( I can only use one )) I have not used it OnLine yet but I shall as soon as I have one of those #012 to fight back, if my opponent also have one of this Towers ----
Posted by hellraiser4582 on Thu, 6th Dec 2007, at 14:04
This card is just ridiculous.
Posted by krisfairholm on Fri, 4th Jan 2008, at 23:03
This card is ridiculous, the amount of Mana it offers its player is just a joke, if you have this card played against you it just kills the fun you might as well just surrender their and then, if you try and take it out then by the time you are finished your oponemmnt will have placed the cards they need to win and if you leave it there they will constantly have enough Mana to play any power card at leisure, who every thought up this card has destroyed the game cause when this card is used its no longer about how well you play or what cards you have to battle with its simply a matter of who has this single card. It would not be so bad if it depended on a singe field type to offer its mana bonus or if its health points where not so massive that its almost guaranteed to last the entire game or at least long enough to cause irrevocable damage. It this card is played against me I just quit its not worth trying it’s a fun killer.
Posted by biolithlord8 on Wed, 16th Jan 2008, at 12:16
A beutiful card, but 1 damage and 6 to summon? I dont think so...... I know it has all those amazing special abilitys but 1 attacl and 6 manna?
Posted by OverZee on Thu, 17th Jan 2008, at 15:40
it's special abilites makes him so pwerfull, ik can't wait to get one
Posted by krisfairholm on Fri, 18th Jan 2008, at 11:47
I have recently obtained one of these cards and after once having its full ability used against me and knowing first hand of the havoc it caused I was at first very excited but has now leaned its not so easy to make use of its special ability, I only have “Scion Biolith Lord” to play with it in my deck, I don’t have “Tino” and to be completely honest its very rare I have been able to get the 2 out on the board together. When you are looking at a combined cost of 12 Mana, the only realistic way to achieve its ability is via a White cubic so you realistically need “white cubic”, “Scion Biolith Lord” or “Tino” and the watchtower in your hand at the same time, which is in its self a big ask, then you need the cubic to survive, which I have had terrible luck with on the few occasions the chance has been there, then you still need 6 Mana plus the summoning lock needs to be off, maybe having Tino would make things more likely, but without the ability this card for 6 mana is not even worth playing. I have even coincided selling this card and Scion Biolith Lord as a combined set on eBay but will wait first to see if any other cheaper Scion options turn up in the forth coming expansion.
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