White Cubic
Today we have the Black Cubic’s arch-rival, the equally freakish White Cubic!

The White Cubic can be a very tricky and often frustrating card to use. With only 1HP, it’s would be an easy target for anyone under normal circumstances. Add in the fact that the White Cubic can be sacrificed to summon any creature for free in its place, and suddenly it has a huge bull’s-eye painted on its freakish head.

Of course, its ability makes it an incredibly useful card to have – no one can deny the huge advantage that being able to summon a God for a single Mana is, even if it doesn’t get to attack automatically. And it isn’t completely defenceless – it has a Dodge Attempt which means that with some luck, it might survive the inevitable enemy attack.
However, there are a couple of rules you should always follow when summoning your White Cubic to the board.
1 – Never, ever summon a White Cubic if your opponent has a low-cost Magic-Attack creature on the board (Flame Magus or Aluhja Priestess mainly). Any magic attack while destroy the Cubic in a single hit, regardless of its Dodge, and while it’s possible that your opponent will have a card in their hand which does just that, there’s no point making their life easier.
2 – Never summon your Cubic if you don’t have the card in your hand that you want to sacrifice it for. All you’ll do is increase the chances that it will die before you use it.
3 – Always keep in mind where you summon your Cubic. If you are planning on sacrificing it for a Sciondar Fire God, putting the White Cubic on a Biolith field is as good as throwing the card straight into the discard pile.

The White Cubic also has another fairly serious handicap – it doesn’t belong to any element. While this makes it a unique and very interesting card, it means that it cannot get a Field Bonus, leaving it at 1HP regardless of where you place it, and it cannot contribute to any type-based bonuses other cards may have (such as the Dragon cards, who get extra Attack Power for allied cards matching their elements). It also means that it cannot hide under the protection of the Aegis Citadel card, which is a shame as that would be a very potent combination (fingers crossed for a card which strips a field of all its elements in the first expansion).

If possible, try and summon your Cubic next to a Monk Elder of Okunada. This won’t help against magic attacks, but the extra dodge attempt will increase its chances against standard attacks.

Despite the vast difficulty in making use of it, it is still an excellent card. If it manages to survive for you to sacrifice it, you get whatever creature you want, basically for free. And if it doesn’t, you get your 1 Mana that you spent to summon it back and you’ve thrown the opponent off a little for having to deal with it.

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Posted by bfiggins on Wed, 14th Nov 2007, at 17:35
You strategy didn't address my favorite aspect of the White Cubic. Your opponent HAS to respond to it - it's just too powerful to ignore. Which means you can use it to manipulate your opponent into wasting mana, or summoning to a certain field. Summoning the Cubic between two of your opponents' powerful creatures is good - they can destroy it easily, but it costs them 3-4 mana to do so.
Posted by WourdalakkNimh on Wed, 14th Nov 2007, at 18:54
I am lucky to have one of this, odd egg, now I must find out the best way to use it ( and keep it alive )
Posted by Silvadeus on Wed, 14th Nov 2007, at 19:30
Like bfiggins said, it has to be one of the greatest characteristics of this card is the giant bullseye painted on its head can make your opponent spend every resource tryin to destroy it.
Posted by thegman on Wed, 14th Nov 2007, at 19:55
I'm luck in even having one of these cards. It forces the opponent in my opinion that he better try and kill it right away. If he does you still have an advantage of not killing any of your other creatures with more HP's
Posted by coconino on Thu, 15th Nov 2007, at 00:44
I can think of 2 more opportunities for using White Cubic. Try to place it adjacent to a Se Hollyn Fortress for the +2 protection. And/or, place it on a field where the opponent would do damage to one of his/her own creatures during the inevitable attack (i.e. split a Triceptaur Behemoth's attack, or one of the straight multi-field attackers, like Minos of Sciondar), and pray for dodge! ...Long live Black Cubic!
Posted by HEC on Fri, 16th Nov 2007, at 09:20
I saw also this card (as well as other Cubics) used as a "closing" card on crowded filed when you'd like to avoid any attacks from your side which might result in counter attack.
Posted by only1doug on Fri, 16th Nov 2007, at 16:00
Everyone who purchased the game has one of these, it's included in the starter deck. Unlike the other cubics there is a limit of one White cubic / deck
Posted by HEC on Wed, 21st Nov 2007, at 06:11
Love all the spotlights! One suggestion though - could you list the spotlights including the day they were posted / published? It will make it easier to track which one we've already read before as the collection will expand. Keep a good work. Thanks.
Posted by HEC on Wed, 21st Nov 2007, at 07:11
Oh - and in additon to above it will be also nice to have date of the last comment displayed at the list of all Spotlights so it would be easier to find out if new caomment was posted to specific card lately. And - indeed - some general comment area where both of my comments would be posted rather than in here ... ;)
Posted by giftoftigerseye on Sun, 25th Nov 2007, at 03:57
it's very rarely usefull because even if you do have the mana to attack with it it's usually close to the summoning cost anyway, even with a god the most you'll same is 2 mana doesn't sound very usefull unless you just want something on the board that isn't likely to die, and on gods I'd rather use incarnation after someone turns around my dragon, so I saved the spt any cubic would be in for my dragon!
Posted by Pessimism on Mon, 3rd Dec 2007, at 16:41
The most useful cubic, that's for sure. I have two green cubics, and while getting out something like Green Erlking Zoomba on the second turn is fantastic (not in a strategic sense, just cause it looks great! lol)keeping the other cubics alive is near impossible! They are good for start or end of game- in between they are just a liability, and take up valuable deck space where you could be packing in a Mesmers Errand or something equally useful...
Posted by Merco on Sat, 5th Jan 2008, at 10:54
I might be mistaken, but is it possible for the White Cubic to attack/counterattack? It's just that I am sure that it used an 'egg' attack in one battle...
Posted by krisfairholm on Sat, 5th Jan 2008, at 15:01
None of the Cubic's attack or counter, they are simply used to allow players to cast any creature in its place the next turn should the cubic make it through 1 go, the only good point about this Cubic is that it has dodge giving it a half chance ot surviving till your next turn so you can realise a God or any devastating creature you may have for next time. useful if you have a card that holds around 10HP to get something on the board that’s going to last a long time or maybe a special ability that will help other cards once in play.
Posted by jcpetersen on Wed, 9th Jan 2008, at 09:54
It's worth noting that because "White Cubic does not belong to any element", it gets a unique status in the game beyond that listed above. The card "Tino, Son of Scion" attacks cards based on element: "Tino’s Magic Attack targets all enemies of the same element as the target." Because White Cubic does not have an element, it is immune to Tino's element-based magic attack. Not a very common scenerio, but one worth mentioning. Perhaps there will be more such element-based interactions in future expansions.
Posted by krisfairholm on Tue, 15th Jan 2008, at 02:17
worth the risk of having one of these if you want to play a God card, I have 1 god card in my deck and I will only use it if i can cast it via this cubic, if it dont work out then its just to bad but with a bit of luck i can still use the god along with Summoner Mesmer's Lapse to take away Mana from an opponment
Posted by biolithlord8 on Wed, 16th Jan 2008, at 12:14
A very useful card, its dodge ability makes it have the chance to avoid attack, and the ability to be able to summon absoloutly any creature for free is simply great! This card dose have its downsides though, it is very weak with no counter attack and you can only have one in each deck. Though just like Marco im sure i have counter attacked before with an 'egg'attack.
Posted by DaLancer on Tue, 22nd Jan 2008, at 01:13
A biolth god out on your second turn for only 1 mana? You got to love a that! Also using it to get a fortress out for free has won me games in the past, plus your opponite usually spends way more mana then nessitary to distroy this card. A must for ANY deck that has at least 2+ creatures over SC4.
Posted by DarkPrince on Mon, 28th Jan 2008, at 07:40
an awesome card, everytime i play it people try their best to kill it and if they do you have saved yourself a turn and wasted some of their mana and if they don't kill it you can get out 2 cards on the same turn, awesome card esp if you have a hero in the deck that you can work off, Latoo and Edin work well for me.
Posted by Jehuty13 on Tue, 12th Feb 2008, at 15:28
Yes, this card is very tricky! Trying to eliminate with melee attacks is risky but magic works well. Should be in every good sorted deck! 3 of 5 stars
Posted by DaLancer on Sat, 16th Feb 2008, at 20:11
This card also has a nice bonus in having no element: It can't be hit by creatures who attack mulitable creatures of the same element, like the biolth hero and noble.
Posted by Merco on Thu, 3rd Apr 2008, at 09:40
It's better to summon an elemental cubic; they get more health, and can't be easily killed. The White Cubic is the only creature that can summon Sacreds, though.
Posted by Phoros on Sun, 11th May 2008, at 07:34
I agree with Merco on this white cubic with 1 hp can be killed much more easily than you think. With the addition of set 2 this card is no longer a threat. Dwarf sniper, flame novice.
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