Monk Elder of Okunada
I've just added the Card Spotlight for the Monk Elder of Okunada - Enjoy!

Over the last week or so, a whole bunch of information on Set 2 has been released by Sony. I have updated the Set 2 page to reflect this, but you can also check it out directly from Sony over at the Playstation Blog. I must say, I am fairly impressed with the way Sony have been releasing information on Set 2, especially considering how close-mouthed they have been about EoJ before this. Kudos, Sony! (and thanks for the links to the site, too!)

Just as a note, I am aware that a number of cards that will be released in Set 2 are going to effect the reviews of cards I have already done (and the reviews I will do before Set 2 is released), but until the release, I am going to continue reviewing the cards as if we had no Set 2 information, and go back and update the old cards as is relevant later on. So, there is no need to mention that certain Set 2 cards will make the Monk Elder basically useless ;)

Posted on Wed, 27th Feb 2008, at 15:35