Shrine of Mourning
The Shrine of Mourning is one of the first Set 2 cards that I got from a booster, and it immediately jumped out at me as a great card. For starters, it has a Magic Attack, and also has some survivability with 3HP, which is always a nice combination. Its second ability, while situational, can also come in very handy – if your opponent doesn’t have any Fire creatures in play, all enemy creatures next to the Shrine lost 1 Attack Power. This is an incredibly useful ability, especially if your opponent is relying on a lot of cheap, lot damage cards.
Its final ability is the one that most sticks out though – any allied Cult of Mourning cards with a 50% chance of an Attack Bonus (which is currently all of the Cult of Mourning cards) will always get that Attack Bonus while the Shrine is in play. For those of you who don’t know, the Cult of Mourning currently consists of 3 cards – the Shine of Mourning, the new Flame Novice, and the good old Flame Ascetic. Both the Flame Ascetic and the Flame Novice are very useful cards even without their Attack Power boost, but with this guarantee that they are always going to do more damage, they become devastating – especially the Flame Ascetic (check out the Flame Ascetic Card Spotlight here).
When using all three of these cards in your deck, they can be an incredibly potent tool.

The down side to all this is that it is very situational – if your opponent has Fire creatures on the board, and you haven’t been able to play your Flame Novice/Ascetic for whatever reason, then all you have here is an expensive Magic Attack – with an Activation Cost of 2, you probably won’t be able to use this as readily as you would a Flame Magus.

If your opponent uses one of these against you, the best, fastest way to get rid of it is to use the Battering Ram card. Because the Shrine is a Base creature, the Battering Ram will add 3 to its Attack Power (for a total of 4), and because it uses the Lancer Attack Pattern, it can attack without being affected by the Attack Power reduction from the Shrine. If the Shrine is on a Fire Field, try turning it to expose its Blind Spot first, and the Battering Ram will be able to finish it off in a single hit.

If you are able to get both the Shrine and a Novice/Ascetic into play, the Shrine is likely to come under heavy fire. Placing it in a corner surrounded by allies is the best way to protect it from harm, although because of its special ability, it is far more likely to be attacked from afar by Magic Attacks. To counter this, try teaming it up with the Partmole Warhound (+1 Magic Defense to adjacent cards), as this will effectively neutralise most cheap Magic Damage.
If you’re afraid of the aforementioned Battering Ram being used against you, try using the good old Elder Monk of Okunada to give it a Dodge attempt.

The Shrine of Mourning is a very situational card, but when used in the proper deck with the right creatures, it can be devastating. If you don’t use any other Cult of Mourning cards, however, you would be better off picking something else to fill your Magic Attack role.

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Posted by Merco on Tue, 1st Apr 2008, at 13:30
This card shows what many set 2 cards will be like - utterly dependent upon specific sets. The zealot cards are also a good example.
Posted by Merco on Tue, 1st Apr 2008, at 13:35
Question: Are there 100 new cards in set 2, or 110?
Posted by bettand on Tue, 1st Apr 2008, at 15:26
I can't wait for Set#2 already. I have downloaded everything online and thought the crads would be available on 3/27. I am in the US. Are we getting this stuff some time later and is there a date for this? What gives?
Posted by OverZee on Wed, 2nd Apr 2008, at 08:26
i've set 2, there are some wicked cards, i already have the wood-phantom, prince lusirion, it's crazy!!!
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