Scion, Biolith Lord
Behold! Scion, Biolith Lord! Seriously though.

Being the Lord of all Bioliths, you would expect Scion to be an incredibly powerful card. Your initial thoughts might be those of disappointment, but don’t despair – Scion is an extremely useful card, especially in a Biolith-themed deck.
Like other high-ranking Biolith cards, Scion’s magic attack hits not only its target, but any other enemy with the same element as its target too. This makes is a very powerful card when facing a deck which centres around a single element – if you can hit all of the enemy creatures on the board at once for 2 Damage, that will seriously weaken your opponents position.

However, his most useful skill is the ability to reduce the Activation Cost of other allied Biolith creatures by 2. This in itself is a pretty useful power to have, but if you consider the fact that 6 of the Biolith creatures only have an Activation Cost of 2 to start with, then Scion suddenly becomes something to be feared. That’s right – Scion can reduce the Activation Costs of Biolith Bomber, Biolith Stinger, Imperial Biolith Guard, Morning Star Warrior, Biolith Ninja and Wormak, Biolith Heir to 0, meaning they can all attack for free once they are on the board. Further more; a lot of very useful Bioliths have an AC of 3, which means you can also use their powers for a single Mana. So, as mentioned earlier, this makes Scion incredibly useful in Biolith-themed decks.

Unfortunately, as with most Biolith Creatures, he is a little expensive, costing 6 Mana to summon, and you can only have 1 of them in your deck. This means it is also important to protect Scion with whatever means you have available to you, as although his 5HP will stand up for a couple of turns, he is very likely to receive a lot of unwanted attention from your foe. Boosting his HP with a Healing Shower, or keeping him locked into a corner away from any empty Fields is a great way to keep him alive.

Should you find yourself faced with an enemy Scion, you have a couple of options. If your deck is varied and you don’t rely heavily on any one element (and ideally, don’t have more than one of any element already on the board), and your opponents deck isn’t Biolith-heavy (which, granted, is quite unlikely if he has Scion in the first place), then he only represents a minor threat. Keep his presence in mind, but feel free to leave him be if he’s out of the way.
If neither of those conditions are true however, Scion suddenly becomes something you need to eliminate as soon as you can, or you will quickly find yourself overwhelmed by his presence. If you have the Mana, hit him as hard as you can with something like a Dragon (which should be enough to dispatch him). Failing that, hit him with everything you are able too until he is dead. If he is locked in a corner, a Novogus Catapult, or a mid-level Magic Attack creature like Partmole Fire Oracle will help soften him up. Don’t be afraid to use a Clare Wil’s Banner, or a Beguiling Fog to expose his Blind Spot.

Scion also has another less obvious, but incredibly potent use in the game. Check out this card for more information on that.

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Posted by drackmire on Mon, 3rd Dec 2007, at 22:05
I can definitely see making a deck around this guy with crad drawing to make sure you get him out. His secondary ability is the more powerful in this case, and at the very least you will get a one turn devastating blow to your opponent, depending on their deck. Protection is easy enough to come by, and you can always through in a verzar canine or two in the mix for when you are ready to plop him on the board.
Posted by edgalor on Thu, 10th Jan 2008, at 04:03
only 1 comment for Scion? This is a great card to a biolith deck.. summon Scion when you have enough biolith cards on teh field means you will get a lot of free attacks. His hp is a bit low for a 6 mana cost card tho, especially for a card that wont get any elemental bonus.... anyway it's a great card like all other nobles
Posted by biolithlord8 on Wed, 16th Jan 2008, at 12:25
Not the best one though........ Icepick..... How come you have not put the biolith god down on the card spotlight, you know, the most powerful creature in the game.
Posted by edgalor on Sun, 20th Jan 2008, at 06:53
Biolith god's mana cost is too high to be consider a "most powerful" card. With the same amount of mana, any other gods will do that similar amount of damage.... Scion on the other hand is a extrmely dangerous card for a 6 mana summon cost... dont judge a card by its damage.... it's pretty unfair that it's getting a 3 rating..
Posted by OverZee on Tue, 22nd Jan 2008, at 13:06
i have one in my biolith-theme deck, its great, together with tino, wormak and there's a guardian watchtower coming so:)
Posted by DaLancer on Sat, 16th Feb 2008, at 20:08
A must for a biolth heavy deck. The ability to distroy your opponites creatures for almost free makes him a force to be reckon with. However, theres one weakness to his attack pattern: IT CAN'T HIT CREATURES WITH NO ELEMENT, namely the white cubic. That oversite cost me a game once...
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